Boehner's Constituents Mixed on Speaker'

January 06 [Sun], 2013, 16:18

Yahoo News asked constituents in John Boehner 's congressional districtOhio's 8thto weigh in on the representative's performance during the fiscal cliff negotiations and as House Speaker. Here are excerpts we received from voters this morning.


: My support of the Speaker remains strong, as I feel he is the one strong anchor of the Republican Party that bends but does not break and holds steadfast in his values with little compromise.

This quality, the ability to stand ground against the firestorm of pressure from the left, is the driving force behind my support. Specifically, legislation like , which aims to reduce government regulation and improve tax codes for businesses, is an example of his willingness to go head to head with Democrats. He fights for what he and the Republicans truly feel is the key to Americans' success.

That said, I only partially agree with his voting for the fiscal cliff legislation.

The legislation, which , is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough. While it is higher than what the Democrats wanted, it was a lot lower than what Republicans pushed.

Boehner did not push hard enough. The legislation puts off any massive spending cuts, when it should have sliced spending. This was the main selling point of the Republicans. This is one instance in which I feel the Speaker bent a little too much and should have voted against the deal.

Daniel Paolo, Fairfield, Ohio


: Here in the 8th district of Ohio, we're saddled with John Boehner.

I'd be hard-pressed to support Boehner after watching him asdespite the fact that AK Steel, a major supplier to the auto industry, is located in West Chester, Boehner's hometown. Had Boehner had his way, tens of thousands of Ohio workers, including many at AK and other steel-processing companies in his district, would have been unemployed while the number of job openings continued to shrink.

He also voted against the 2009 . It passed, however, and as a result, thousands of new jobs have been created and the I-75 corridor, part of our nation's interstate system designed to bolster our defense, is being upgraded (accompanied by thousands of orange cones).

Privately, friends tell me that their write-in vote in November's election, in which Boehner ran unopposed, was "anyone but Boehner."

The 112th Congress makes the 80th Do Nothing Congress look like a legislative fireball. Boehner's lack of leadership resulted in a failure to produce useful legislation for us in his district, and the country.

I once felt that when it looked as if we'd go over any cliff, fiscal or otherwise, Speaker Boehner would, in the end, negotiate a compromise. That feeling dissipated in December when he was unable to rein in tea partiers and could not even bring the House to a vote on Plan B, with the resultant New Year's Eve hangover.

Glenna Fisher, Middletown, Ohio


: I live in Ohio's 8th district and have voted for John Boehner in past congressional elections.

I've asked friends and family about their perceptions of Boehner as Speaker. Responses were widely mixed. Many agreed with the "failure scenario," in which Speaker Boehner failed to rally House Republicans to vote for the deal on the fiscal cliff. Others felt that he was doing the best he could given the climate in Washington.

I fall in the latter camp. Even though Sen. Harry Reid accused John Boehner of operating the house as a dictatorship, clearly Boehner can't force others' hands.

In his remarks delivered before taking the oath of office Thursday evening, Boehner advised House members that he felt they were charged to "refuse the pull of passing interests" and that they were "not sent here to be something but to do something." Their charge is to do the right thing.

He pointed out our debt and failure to produce more jobs were not separate problems, that debt is a drag on the economy and that it's a burden we should not pass onto our children. I strongly agree.

I expect Boehner will find a way to pull more House members to this way of thinking, and to begin doing the right thing, not the party-line thing. We will all be better off if he can.

Julie Wallace, Fairfield, Ohio
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