Ryan Fitzpatrick threw into the end zone to the open man. Unfortunately for the Bills, that man was Patriots safety Devin McCourty

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 12:29
Hello, it's almost to the noon. Ryan Fitzpatrick into the end zone to the open man. Unfortunately for bill, that man is patriot safety Devin McCourty.cheap jerseys

Such a simple intercept with only 23 seconds decided to match each other buffalo the game is over, Gillette stadium New England victory.

In a day of terrible defense by two teams, patriot keep 37 31 NFL won Sunday's unexpectedly strong bill, although allows the first ups and downs, most of the buffalo and the most not allowed through the New England.cheap jerseys shop

"No matter what happens, in the game, there is nothing mistakes", McCourty said. "When the game to get to the end, the big play change the game."

Patriot (3) for 17 3 lead slip to 34 31 and 47 stay in fe, Patrick's two yard transfer to Donald Jones. Then bill (3-6) held a patriot to 27 yard goal-scoring Stephen Gostkowski.

Avoid punishment, of which 14 people, this has hindered the all their games, bill moved to patriot 15 yards line Fitzpatrick before throw the ball to the right hand and tried to blow McCourty T.J. graham. Tom brady and then knelt down, and finally play.

"You can only request as a quarterback is a last chance to win the game, we have," fei, Patrick said, "but we can't do it."

New England is 11-0 to act in 2002 since opening, Gillette and 23 2 in the last 25 games overall to buffalo.