History has proved that the general

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 10:37

History has proved that the general legal too easy to get rid air jordan 1 for sale
of the arbitrary power of the wild, the special law must be made of special materials to make brutal tyranny power into submission. This constitutional laws that carry the spirit of the Constitution. Power sent to prison in this Constitution and to the limitations and constraints of political practice is constitutional. Only by constitutional, by effective checks and balances of power for constitutional democracy, rely on everyone to actively defend their rights and freedoms, to surrender, domesticated rulers. The constitution is the key to surrender domestication means. The bad Constitution is a legal cosmetic zombie, despite evil rulers unconstitutional, it will not have the slightest reaction. To a good constitution is a living constitution, once rulers unconstitutional, it self-action unconstitutional can not succeed. Under the dictatorship of the Constitution is the connivance of the abuse of power by the ruler of the dead Constitution; constitutional government under the Constitution is a living constitution surrender rulers.

There are three primary means of constitutional tame power: first means, to draw the power of the penalty area and let citizens and non-governmental forces to Administrative Supervision in politics. The constitutional protect citizens' right to life, liberty and property rights and civil rights of the person to draw a government power is absolutely not allowed to enter the field of which greatly narrowed the scope of activities of the authority of government. Not only that, the constitutional also gives citizens a series of political rights to protect citizens through participation in political life, free newspaper, group party to take the initiative to restrict the freedom of association, the supervisory regime power.The second means is that the authority to regulate the Constitution and the law. Through the air jordan 13 for sale
establishment of the rule of law, the constitutional power to be legally bound to ensure that government is the rule of law, not of men. The nature of the constitutional laws of the government, through legal restrictions on the Government. " (See control of the country ") through constitutional protection of the independence of the judiciary, the implementation of constitutional review to ensure that the will of the ruler is above the law.

Third means, the separation of powers, with the power to checks and balances of power. Constitutional government by the Constitution with the three powers of the legislative, executive and judicial locked constitutional cage, a cage inside the closed three powers of the beast, so that they compete with each other, mutual restraint. An important constitutional principle is that the main functions and powers of the government, usually the legislative, executive and judicial powers, the three powers must be discrete, the Constitution should grant different authorities to exercise, and belong to the legislature, the executive authorities and the judiciary. These three sectors have the same legal status independently exercise their rights. This means that between the three sectors not subject to relations of domination, a department has no right to withdraw from another department,air jordan 11 retro cheap
nor can their own power entirely to another department to exercise. Only the implementation of an independent judiciary, in order to remove the despotic tyranny in order to protect personal rights and freedoms of all people. The system of checks and balances, but also the dream of a variety of different values ??and opposing a balanced system.
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