along the stone path I came to the water edging

October 11 [Fri], 2013, 15:13
blue autumn sky was pure blue was beautiful, white clouds in several flower fluttering leisurely. maker has been harvested, the entire field was quiet, only the edge of the edge of the purple chrysanthemums are still in full bloom. Ditches, stone heap medlar tree hung with red fruit, such as agate, especially conspicuous. ground of the winter wheat has been two inches long, suffused with a green, earth suddenly become so mature boundless vitality, and no autumn bleak. warm sun shining, ugg boots adirondack II the grass on a merry dance. clear Lingling river flowing around the village, crashed forward, the bells rang all the way. Gave me this river brought endless joy. Any of numerous river barefoot wet pants, holding numerous cool water to drink a happy, played countless times Shuizhang ...... ah childhood dream has gone. along the stone path, I came to the water edging. Watermill has completed its specific mission, in the wind and rain erosion in memory of the days of his youth, quietly standing in the river.

Childhood and his mother remembers the case of grinding, mill creak leisurely turning, roll a circle of white waves, I picked bunches of flowers to sprinkle disc, a disc with the blossoming of colorful wildflowers rotation, forming a round colored garlands, beautiful. Mother ride grinding, shining white bean flour was put face bags, we have the smell of bean flour stir mission can eat. river a tree plum tree, the leaves are almost off the light, a few slices of yellow leaves hardly ever sway in the wind. Thorn plum has been opened defeat, vibrant and bustling during bloom has disappeared. Think about midsummer, Cimei thick blaze of glory bloom, blossoming endless, attracted industrious bees busy. Huakaihuaxie, the laws of nature, do not sad. street and saw people digging potatoes, they are sweat harvest the fruit, looking exudes earthy potatoes, farmer face thick smile, which is fruits of their labor ah! They will be hoping to land, hard labor, autumn, its own harvest. hamlet of houses when state funding this year, post-disaster ugg boots sundance II reconstruction, the same color of gray tiles and white walls, just painted, from afar, there Jiangnan delicate and fresh. MCC Wood River flows around the small village of cheerful, with its sweet milk to nourish its riverside industrious good sons and daughters, accompanied by peace and happiness all the way forward. ah, this beautiful autumn ......
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