Maybe not the passion of youth Dangqi years

October 06 [Sun], 2013, 17:04
Author: Liu Qing must be reported MERIDIAN Yao Qing sister: one dream the most beautiful girl, you, my heart a bright pearl of life, the only sustenance of life, the other half, only to defend my life with love sun. Now, I am writing to you, no, I express to you the most sincere feelings. Green, magpies sang woo is my affection beautiful voice; Chrysanthemum spit incense, incense overflow me your truest feelings. Autumn slowly, waving my feelings for your most beloved; gurgling water, flowing I tell you the purest springs. Most blue autumn sky, living in harmony with the warm sun shining on me I think the most beautiful girl in the hope of bright light; Bright green beautiful braids, neue mbt schuhe sparkling silver always send me a pair of the most lovely colored silk youth of your dreams. Hold your hand, and grow old, I was already starting Da life of the world you and I Longbridge. Song of Youth often Celadon, you and I always love the torch burning, I will use a lifetime commitment guard around you, with my hands to create Lelao I only give you a happy life.

Maybe not the passion of youth Dangqi years, "flowers", not everyone is impressed also weave "Mountain Wreath", but not the most legendary dance "Shaolin Kung Fu", but everyday life have me feeling the most pristine The most intimate care, the most devoted love, it will also write you my burning passion, let me love you touched a lifetime, let me in your heart leisurely singing songs from the music, see the beautiful blue Yao elated! blue, penned a hand trembling, out of the same frequency and their own heart, and I feel that this is what you and I together beating heart it. I have a beautiful hunch, you're my, you and I are the best pair. I laugh Changxiao, my pride and unrestrained, my blood boiling, you will be brought to my Xingyu long dome, let me in the magic of the universe to achieve stardom moon dreams, the most beautiful Yao Qing Chang E to the happiest earth, Gongzhuaichao, with love and wisdom delineate the most realistic mbt baridi schuhe mirage, so magical passes eventually became unthinkable skyscraper spiritual wealth pyramid. green, mandarin ducks playing in the water, the report is good news. Green, I want to hear your beautiful voice. blue, I'm waiting for you ...... must be reported October 8, 2084
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