Some detoxification experts in food

July 20 [Thu], 2017, 22:20
I believe everyone on the "detoxification" is no stranger to the word, the market is also the name of the drug replacement renovation. So, food detoxification and drug detoxification, which way better? In fact, the body itself has a set of purification detoxification system, which is the two devices. No matter what detoxification, and ultimately to make this system better run.

In vivo detoxification channels must detoxification detoxification method of health

The first is the protective device. Skin is the first line of defense of the human body, sweat glands by rinsing the way to soften the skin. Similar to the protective device there are many, but are generally used physical detoxification, such as exercise sweating and so on. Food and medicine are hard to have an impact on them.

The second device is the excretory system, mainly the intestine and kidney. They filter the blood, the waste water and toxic substances into the bladder, regular excreted. This is also the main channel of human detoxification. Food detoxification is through the food in the crude fiber and resistant starch, the large intestine toxins out of the body. And drug detoxification is generally rhubarb or other similar drugs to produce diarrhea, in order to achieve the purpose of detoxification. It can be seen that food detoxification is safer than drug detoxification.

Some good eating habits can achieve the effect of detoxification. For example, the morning fasting drink a large glass of boiled water or honey water, you can help us laxative. You can also eat some cereals, such as green beans, red beans, barley, oats have a good heat detoxification, dehumidification diuretic effect. Such as vegetables, fruits and seaweed foods, they have a decomposition of toxins, the role of blood purification. The drug detoxification, short-term effect may be faster, but a variety of risk factors can not be predicted.

There are some "detox experts" in food:

1, green leafy vegetables. A number of studies have shown that chlorophyll, dietary fiber and a variety of phytochemicals in green leafy vegetables are beneficial to reduce the absorption of pollutants, promote them from the intestinal tract, improve the liver detoxification ability and reduce the mutagenic effect of carcinogens. Suggest that you eat at least half a day of green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, chrysanthemum, celery, oil and other vegetables.

2, kelp. Kelp with alginate, alginic acid and other substances, you can step down lipid-lowering. It is particularly worth mentioning that the active substances in the kelp can be combined with the carcinogens in the food and take them out of the body. In addition, kelp is also rich in a variety of trace elements, such as iodine, iron and calcium.

3, fungus. Fungus is rich in soluble dietary fiber, is the famous lung detoxification food. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, but also with the effective combination of cholesterol and prevent high blood lipids. Modern medicine that fungus contains a plant gum, a strong adsorption force, can be left in the body digestive system of dust and dust adsorption, and then excreted, and thus play the role of detoxification Qingwei.

4, oats. Oats are not only rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, can be combined with heavy metals, but also rich in β-glucan and other soluble dietary fiber, for lowering blood sugar, prevention of hyperlipidemia and so helpful, but also to promote food Pollutant discharge.

5, broccoli. In addition to rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, β-carotene and other basic nutrients, the broccoli is also rich in indole and thiocyanate and other beneficial ingredients, which are conducive to the removal of toxins, thereby reducing the kidney Burden, and help prevent cancer.

6, carrots. Carrot is rich in β-carotene, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. In addition to eye care, vitamin A can also help the liver to exclude toxins from the body, reducing fat in the liver. In addition, carrots in the dietary fiber can help clean up the trash in the colon, and accelerate its excreted.
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