Zheng Jie, given the first set trailing 1:5 regrets out of the race

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 11:42
5th seed Zhang Kaizhen meet 4th seed maladinuoweiqi final demonstrated the power of women's tennis generation, they eliminated all the way kimiko, jiawoersuowa and other players, also shot down Misaki, Caroline Garcia, star of hope; in particular, Zhang Kaizhen's strong defence of the native player honors. nike free run 3 dam The duo never had played before, world ranking is only a difference of two, France girls rengaomada, have certain advantages in power and serve, while Zhang Kaizhen is with home crowd support. Therefore, the match winner really is full of surprises.

First disc game both compete for of comparison fierce, Zhang Kaizhen blow out has 5 remember ACE, has 2 times double errors, and opponents of data is 1 and 3, Taipei small spent in serve this a links does not fell downwind, but maladinuoweiqi today in key points Shang of performance more wins a raised, she 4 times break opportunities success caught has two times, anti-views Zhang Kaizhen 5 a break points just cashes has 1 a, such 4th, seed on to 6-4 first Xia a city.

Second disc France girl gradually adapted has opponents of play, she serve links of power also gradually appeared out, this a disc she sent out has 2 remember ACE, no any double errors, and Zhang Kaizhen is is the has 1 times; in one success rate with for 71% of situation Xia, maladinuoweiqi of one and II made scored rate full accounted for u, especially one scored rate to 82%-59% leading advantage obviously. This time Zhang Kaizhen up 3 break points without success and I saved 7 break crisis, but opponent break back once, lose to a 3-6. Not held the Championship trophy at home. Sophia Championship final round group game, Zheng Jie, given the first set trailing 1:5 regrets out of the race, finally ranked in this group. After the match, Zheng Jie in the Twitter disclosed his reasons for withdrawal: "from January to November, the body finally appeared, the cold is not good for a week! Scraping, cupping, and pills, means a lot, by a lot of crime, still not fully fit, the rest! "Zheng Jie also passed Twitter posted a picture of himself in the treatment.

Zheng Jie to Auckland match this season as their starting point, GER-pennetta, Flavia in the games in early results in the final opponent then injury, Zheng 4th successfully scored his first career singles title. Subsequent Australian Open tournament, Zheng also has held up quite well – winning Vinge and Bartoli into 4th gear, last lost to this season, "dark horse" Errani. 3rd match, Wozniacki win very easily. nike roshe run sverige First set the two sides after the war to 4:4, Wozniacki is not to give pilongkewa his opponent any chance, she even 7, with 6:4 after winning the first set and established a 5:0 lead in the second set, and finally to 6:1 scooped the second disk, which aggregate win, 6:4 eliminated competitors advancing to the finals. Wozniacki and 2010 year-end world number one, now ranked 11th in the world, this time into Sophia after the finals, her world ranking will overtake France star Bartoli went up from 10th place.
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