what’s a mixed child?

July 22 [Mon], 2013, 15:36

“Why’s he sittin‘ with the colored folks?”

  “Always does. He likes ‘em better’n he likes us, I reckon. Lives by himself cheap lebron shoes way downnear the county line. He’s got a colored woman and all sorts of mixed chillun. Show yousome of ’em if we see ‘em.”

  “He doesn’t look like trash,” nike lebron shoes said Dill.

  “He’s not, he owns all one side of the riverbank down there, and he’s from a real oldfamily to boot.”

  “Then why does he do like that?”

  “That’s just his way,” said Jem. “They say he never got over his weddin‘. He wassupposed to marry one of the―the Spencer ladies, I think. They were gonna have ahuge weddin’, but they didn’t―after the rehearsal the bride went upstairs and blew herhead off. Shotgun. She pulled the trigger with her toes.”

  “Did they ever know why?” nike lebron shoes for sale

  “No,” said Jem, “nobody ever knew quite why but Mr. Dolphus. They said it wasbecause she found out about his colored woman, he reckoned he could keep her andget married too. He’s been sorta drunk ever since. You know, though, he’s real good tothose chillun―”

  “Jem,” I asked, “what’s a mixed child?”

  “Half white, half colored. You’ve seen ‘em, Scout. You know that red-kinky-headedone that delivers for the drugstore. He’s half white. They’re real sad.”

  “Sad, how come?”

  “They don’t belong anywhere. Colored folks won’t have ‘em because they’re lebron shoes for sale halfwhite; white folks won’t have ’em cause they’re colored, so they’re just in-betweens,don’t belong anywhere. But Mr. Dolphus, now, they say he’s shipped two of his up north.

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