13 cute scene kids

June 29 [Mon], 2009, 13:04


12 awful

June 29 [Mon], 2009, 13:02

Wonder Girls' English version of Nobody is completely awful.

1) They sound like FOBS. Well, they are fobs but it's unacceptable to sound fobbish while promoting a song that's supposed their breakthrough into the US market.

2) The song lacks any kind of emotions. Maybe because they don't fully understand the lyrics or rather, feel the lyrics in English.



11 just covers

May 25 [Mon], 2009, 19:55
Hi Hi, my loves.
I haven't updated this site for sometime.

I really miss it!
There is so much to rant about, I'm amazed I could bottle all these up for so long.

Firstly, Leecher B is in town. She called to ask when I'd be free to hang out with her because I know I'm a baller and she just wants some of my shine to rub off on her. ugh.

I've decided. I will only marry a generous, rich man. Poor people (most) usually have a narrow-minded perception on money, which is something that I absolutely can't stand. She's freeloading off her internet bf, whose current status has been bumped up to real bf because they finally meet again in person, but I'm sure there'd be a price to pay. She's probably going to sleep with him as a payment. I mean, accommodation isn't cheap here so I wouldn't blame her entirely for selling herself. Thank God I'm not in that kind of position ever.

Here are some pretty pictures for the week!

Just covers of recently released albums, well, not really recent. It's more like, covers of albums I listened to recently.

doesn't she look really pretty here? But the song sucks. I like their earlier songs more.



10 something beautiful

January 30 [Fri], 2009, 22:10
"But forgiveness... I'll hold on to that fragile slice of hope and keep it close, remembering that in each of us lie good and bad, light and dark, art and pain, choice and regret, cruelty and sacrifice. We're each of us our own bit of illusion, fighting to emerge into something solid, something real. We've got to forgive ourselves that. Because there's an awful lot of gray to work with. No one can live in the light all the time."

- Gemma Doyle, A Great and Terrible Beauty


9 All The Pretty Little Things

January 30 [Fri], 2009, 21:46

How about a pretty picture every now and then, eh? :D
I'm feeling pretty, that's why.

I think I should write down what I eat in this log to motivate me to lose weighhhhhhhht. Feeling heavy as of late :(
bad bad bad.

Look at that girl's legs? Don't you just love those gams? Don't you want legs like that? I want them. So I'll lose weight no matter what. I shall not waste my great bone structures to waste by piling up fats. ;)



January 28 [Wed], 2009, 23:10
Would you be in a poly if you are certified genius? Oh really?
I'll slap you back into reality. Wake up already. Oh wells, that's just sadddddddd.

As Doraemon says, "The world will be destroyed if everyone's intelligence fall to match your level!!!!!"

You know, if you're ugly, you should at least be clever. Otherwise you'll just be a fugly idiot when you TRY to sound smart.



January 19 [Mon], 2009, 19:14



6 the sad reality of beauty

January 18 [Sun], 2009, 19:12

Isn't she pretty? I've just finished watching the pilot episode of トライアングル and I'm looking forward to the new episodes. The cast is solid, so we can expect to be well- entertained for the next 8 weeks.

Being pretty is an advantage. A friend once told me that if you're pretty, people find it harder to get mad at you or to stay mad for a long time. Isn't that interesting? If it isn't clear with you, I totally agree with this. There have been so many incidents where pretty people were forgiven more easily simply because it didn't feel quite right to punish them blessed faces.

A very smart girl (academically) friend once told me that she doesn't like asian men. She prefers whites to people who share her skin color!!!! I looked at her in disbelief when I heard her say that and all I could think of, "Of course you only like whites, because the asian men that you have crushes on would probably never fall for you." I didn't say this to her because it will crush her even though I'm certain she has thought about this over and over before too. There is a greater number of whites who think that heart and personality are the only things that matter than asian men who think likewise. I think that whites in general don't really lose sleep over what their children might look like. I mean, this girl is gifted, rich, kind, has a nice voice but she is just goddamn ugly for an asian woman. Since she holds a pretty high-paying job, I think it's best if she undergoes plastic surgeries to improve certain features. We have so many mutual friends who have done small surgeries here and there, I don't think she'd be judged very harshly if she tries to improve her appearance as best she can. If she doesn't, these men would just continue to be hesitant to get to know her because of her looks. Since technology is advanced enough for one to undergo cosmetic surgeries with minimal risks, if it is stopping her from attaining happiness, it's best to solve it as soon as possible, right? the longer she waits, the more people she'll meet and when she finally does it (a close already advised her to correct her eyes), there'll be more people who might find out about the enhancements.

Let's be practical. People do and will continue to factor in looks when they judge someone.



January 18 [Sun], 2009, 15:09
Sometimes, I can't help but to think people are so lame.
For example, 30 something single father who goes on vchats (ew), gay complaints, idol dramas, etcetera, just like the title I use for this post - LAME. The content of today's post is no exception even though it contains a grain of truth behind the lameness. Admit it.

I don't understand the logic behind telling unattractive people that they are beautiful. If they are ugly, then one should tell the truth and say they are ugly. Beauty may be subjective but when it's clear that the person is fugly, do you know how ridiculous you sound when you say he/she is pretty? Or worse, beautiful? It makes one wonder how just how bad your taste is regarding looks. So you are the classic nice-to-everyone guy. LAME. Such people are nice to everyone because they can't afford NOT to be. Or because they were unhappy with their childhood. I hate people who always seems to be nice because 9 out of 10 times, they are very likely to be a screwed up mess in the head. Everyone should be nice to others, yes, but we should never lose our capability to be objective at the same time.


4 After School

January 16 [Fri], 2009, 21:59
Expectations, expectations, expectations.

I'm definitely expecting a LOT from them, especially since they're dubbed the female Big Bang.
The two songs released in their debut single give no indication to me whether they can really make it big based on their music because clearly we need to hear more before we can make a solid conclusion. *nods*

So I expect YG to be fiercely promoting these girls within a short time and giving them amazing songs. I bet G-Dragon is working his ass off this very minute! Give them your blessings for G-Baby's sake if you're not the sort to support female groups. I'm eagerly waiting for an explosiooooooooooon.

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