Herringbone has been keeping vintage types trendy since before time

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 17:51
Herringbone has been keeping vintage types trendy since before time began and this case is no exception. It also should keep your phone warm through these unpleasant winter months which, whilst being entirely?unnecessary, is always nice to know.? Moving on from the vintage look, how about going a bit arty? One of our favourite selections of cases this year has to be the Threadless range released by Griffin. They very much adhere to the straightforward iPhone case design but it's the pictures on the back which make them cool with everything from psychedelic spacemen with ghetto blasters on their shoulders to the ports and patterns print of the back of an home cinema amp.

The closest thing we can compare them to is the Uniqlo tshirt shop in Harajuku, which changes its stock nearly every week. The Threadless cases are similar and there are so many awesome designs that you'll never bump into anyone else with the same case as you. Belkin does a sort of Club Tropicana iPhone case that has some sort of bizarre power over us. We like its translucent fade and pastille colours. They're also not as fussy as most iPhone cases. Less is more don't forget. More one for the ladies, perhaps, are the cases from our friend, Orla Kiely. While any fool might have a bag with one of her famous prints, smartphone sightings are far more rare. Sadly, there are too many accessory manufacturers that think it's all about iPhone but there is hope for other smartphone users.

Fortunately, the likes of the?Samsung Galaxy S II is already a stylish enough setup by itself but add a bit of polished wood to anything and it immediately becomes that little bit more swanky. We can't quite give you genuine walnut for your device but what we can provide but there is this great looking, plastic?hard case at MobileFun. So we've had wood (ish), we've had plastic, we've even had herringbone. What's missing? Leather, of course, distressed chocolate flake leather in particular. This case allows you to slip your HTC Sensation, iPhone, Galaxy S II or anything phone related and slab shaped into relative safety. Finally, if none of the big brands seem to tailor for your unit, then head over to Etsy and search under smartphone case and you'll find all sorts from the weird to the wonderful. Decals You might not be a fan of cases.
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