4 Best Types of Bellies for Thin Abdominal Approach

February 08 [Sat], 2014, 11:28
First, slightly protruding type

Overall, you are not so fat, if scantily, and will always be found belly bulge, especially in a tight-fitting shirt will wear betrays! Of your meal, it will be more apparent.

Among the work and life, too few opportunities for physical exertion , often sitting, usually do not love sports , abdominal fat simply can not get the opportunity to consume, the better, because the situation is not serious, the likelihood of your resume is great the.

Life suggestions more in http://www.superslimpomegranate.us/ :

1.The basic fat consumption increased opportunity, can not sit on the stand, a small running fine again .

2.Do not eat immediately after the break, a little Move, preferably with some natural drink has the effect of dissolving fat, green tea weight loss of thermal control .

3.To get rid of the bad habit of hunched over, keep the body tight degrees.

4.Slow down the speed of eating, to eat slowly.

5.Relatively simple to do abdominal exercise to sculpture curves, such as sit-ups 15 second class.

Second, the multi-layer

More abdominal fat accumulation is a foregone conclusion! Even without eating anything, it is not easily disappear, and occasionally also piled into two three, especially when sitting or bending over, that layer of body fat, others are not careful it will be found.

You must have been severely cut too fat, but because you can not really control the appetite, fat again becomes more than a short time, making myofascial physical can not afford to lose, leading to fat appears avenues style appearance.

Life suggestions:

1.Should really determined to continue to lose weight, and lengthen the time.

2.Do not use for short-term weight loss without humanity.

3.Diet must be scientific ratio, fat every day to maintain "close", "branch" balance. Want to lose weight fast and keep the combination of persistence, in a sense, to keep more important!

4.In ensuring a fair proportion of the nutritional condition, cut the intake of starch, vegetable fruit.

5.Out of every 20 minutes of abdominal Cellulite massage.

Third, suddenly appeared type

Occasionally due to a stomach ache, stomach discomfort subject, so stomach swelling up, accompanied by unpleasant feeling pains. It will occasionally attack, depriving you always have to take stomach .

Not all stomach problems, can cause abdominal distension phenomenon. Some people 's habit of gastrointestinal discomfort, will cause belly bulge , usually people do not have a clear feeling that only you obviously feel " inflation up " the.

Life suggestions:

1 . Observe their eating habits, then modify their eating habits.

2 . Want, tight pants, let gastrointestinal smooth.

3 . Sense of bloating or stomach discomfort, seek medical advice.

4 . Drink stimulating beverages, no smoking.

5. Good habits normal sleep.

Fourth, Rugged

Unlike protruding belly fat are baggy , showing a strong and powerful muscles form. But it is not so good-looking, protruding abdomen feels the hard place. Of course you are implementing thermal control weight loss program, eliminate belly fat rarely.

Usually have a fixed exercise habits, or people who have done abdominal exercises, exercises for fat into muscle, of course, is not easily removed, want to lose it, takes a long time for patience and perseverance.

The above four kinds of belly, which one do you belong to? In addition to several life proposal just mentioned, you can also try the following four lean belly coup, to help you easily repulsed belly.

Carbonated drinks eight glasses of water a day to refuse

Those who try to drink less soda and drinks with high sugar content , they will only make your belly like a drum hides a ball ! Whitewater supplement daily before meals or water added to cellulose , to accelerate gastrointestinal motility , strengthen the body metabolic capacity . Meanwhile, pre-dinner drinking water can reduce hunger, thereby reducing food intake .

Half-hour hula hoop

Shaking hula hoop is a simple and convenient indoor fitness exercise, lose belly fat have a good effect , by many MM 's favorite. It should be noted that only when the movement reached the stage of aerobic exercise to be able to consume too many calories and body fat storage . So each time the movement must be maintained at more than half an hour , must cross in order to self-comforting perfunctory Oh ??!

Drink plenty of milk and milk

When it comes to weight loss , many MM minds think is probably the largest vocabulary diet, right? Reject high-protein foods, and often do not eat breakfast is a common practice in many of MM; fact, waist and abdomen fat is protein supplement like those girls do not love, because after proteolysis get amino acids and enzymes , and fat from catabolism not open amino acids and enzymes. So when breakfast plus a glass of milk or soy milk it!

Abdominal breathing thin waist

Abdominal breathing is a stand, stand, sit, lie thin waist method can be carried out. This simple method can not only thin waist stimulate gastrointestinal motility, but also to accelerate the burning of abdominal fat. Specific approach is slowly inhale through your nose, until plump belly, the breath for a few seconds, then slowly exhaled air. Persevere, you will eventually find that this method of physical life extension magic !
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