any wind to take GHD NZ had no choice

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 14:12
located not far from an empty car suddenly sat up alone, mouth hung with a sneer, pick up the mobile phone, dial the phone, just connected, Nike Free Run immediately said: xin is back! At the same time, Paul Liu was carrying a black leather bag has been around the market back, his eyes to look around, to see the building, xin a bright eyes, the rapid run past. Into the building, xin went straight to the elevator, have a look look at the floor, press thirteen

If the distance, any wind to take GHD NZ had no choice, but if the close distance, playing the melee, it is the xin of the world. It just four gun each other any wind, before pulling the trigger, suddenly, just feel that the flower, a flash of silver electricity, next, hold the heavy gun Austin was gone, the hands of light, like didn't take anything.

With four is stupefied, have head watch. Look look, this watch, four send kill piggish screaming. The gun, is no longer hand, no, should say the gun in xin's hand, and is the hand is not on xin's arm. Four wrist like fountain spray blood, red of clothes, also reflect red xin eyes sharp stab the heart of pain in the coming four brew storms on rivers and seas, howling, cried, holding a broken wrist, writhing.