Who wants to build the base

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 17:22
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThanks for thecompliment support ? !Look forward to more red support subscriptions !-- -- -- years prison did not answer ,but L ù out of order .
15 is unable to hold oneself back to spread knowledge of God ,on the ground of careful exploration .Method of face Lin ,feel helpless .A fear ,may be the last to build the base of late years in prison ,he didn .
Who wants to build the base ,could fly !Play but also does not matter ,if even the run to also run to others ,what is the difference between this and his !Pik Wan yarn ?No wind for escape speed !Look overhead act recklessly and care for nobody fly ,Lin brow ,no way .
For today plan ,only four flag array and magic ,in order to avoid the other side of the divine consciousness . This guy is just vanished not, God knows no gain ! Being busy nike air max outlet,some worried .
Years in prison is also quite puzzled, as in the knowledge of God in the forest ,saw a figure .Who want to be close to each other ,was suddenly disappeared .In search of the time ,he did not idle .
If the matrix ,but the bare ground ,with the exception of a few stone block outside ,nothing .A training disciples only, even if there is a law UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Splatter Sale,also not too smart .He go where? Four flag matrix ,is not to build the base ,first from the knowledge of God ,this is a lucky place forest .
Visible to fall to the ground ,driving the sword against the ground walking ,his face èugly up again .The hateful !Knowledge of God cannot find their place, also is not willing to go ,was about three feet .
~ ~ e flag if the sword hit ,a L ù depression can not ah !Finger point ,flying on the ground with a Mars ,dart out about a hundred yards ,it back, go round and begin again .He was pleased with one ,his face with a grin ,proudly shouted Lin ,don hide !Come out ! Lin stayed in this place, in this seemingly unintelligent but very good way ,or how long we can rule without landing search again .
And then, four flag array will not break away .In desperation ,Lin quietly move out of the sword in hand ,watching the news ,years of prison is still in the air, such as what occurred ,said maybe that boy out of still another escape method .
.. ... When asked , years it that ... ? For the safety ,this immortal inside cannot play the five escape method .There are several escape method ,in five rows ,such as blood ,wind ,soul escape escape .
This several escape method of the é n in ancient books and records to see ,after all how ,little was known about .In addition ,such as é n Tien escape character ,also quite magical .
In short ,the boy escape way and many .By his an outer én disciple ,to know Earth one operation ,visible it is not as you imagined so simple ! Years in prison remind statement .Maybe he wanted more, but this argument to some truth .
Put away the sword ,which asked how ?Never watched the boy take wings to itself .? Hum !A training junior it, even escape operation near the body ,also is a dun dozens of years only, Feijian rapidly to also ! Years in prison to a snort .
Brother : Yes, if the guy is next to é n were you here ,I really is just waste of time ! Then, he and pedal Jianhong ,and years of prison a continued pursuit .Four flag matrix ,Bayashi Kazumi two Jianhong no shadow ,it spits out a sulk .
Tunnel ,years of prison !I recently no complaint past enemy ,why should you help a tyrant to victimize his subjects !The wise guess ,although it is not help me back ,however ,you also think too highly of me lin !Left alone in matrix sit two hours, and no year prison return .
Lin Yi folded array flag ,they are in a person .Its a gray robe is still ,be quite different appearance .At this time, his back slightly bow , èsallow face ,jaw with few sparse beard ,full of a rather ordinary middle-aged monk ,is also a practice training seven layer .
For the imaginary spirit of magic ,Lin is early know .Now don Gairongyimao ,if it is really not good education throughout the day of walking .... ... Tien Wonderland opened after half month ,ruins many great hills before arrival ,and monk .
But the hills above the ruins ,when ,one is perfect palaces .Here ,is the education of Chek Ming Temple located throughout the day .Several Jianhong flashed, tall palaces é n before the emergence of a few people ,but é n Tien Yu son and several golden friars .
The people at the foot of non-stop, went straight into the temple én..After a while ,and ten sword light from the sky fell, led by public metallurgical is flat ,he is no longer the previous three people ,there was more than ten golden friars accompanying .
Outside the palace ruins, also gathered some quality is not high the friars ,by twos and threes together .These people can come near ,with their awesome God è,can only look at those who entered into the temple .
Such a future ,Chek Ming House, have not seen to build the base shadow .The rest of the numerous training friar ,that faced the temple é n office to chung .The crowd ,a middle-aged monk with a stoop ,with great care to follow the crowd to tall in front of this palace .
He is easy of Lin .He hurried to here yesterday ,has been hiding in the back to L ù head .The drop from the clouds form ,are familiar with ,but no one noticed and stay in the corner of this training friar .
As a practising gas monk Michael Kors Messenger Bags Outlet,play eidolon surgery ,which can be easily cheated to build the base ,knowledge of god .And the face of golden friars more powerful God consciousness, will L ù visible to .
It is also easily after the forest ,still do not have the effect that a reason .This house, é n is too high ,four or five feet high én lintel above, Chek Ming two characters sincerely and dignified !Two large én more than just under the fan ,Chi Yu thick é n fan with purple stone made a ferocious beast ,its mouth with thick é n ring .
Sheer a unsophisticated virtue UGGs Caroline,Lin a slouching ,looked up and down .But Nike Trainer 1.3 Max,in his footsteps naturally or half unconsciously with a é I fat friar from behind ,in front of people are impatient ,could not help but speak quipped time with it ,you may as well stay here ,enjoy the look is enough ! Speak fat friar ,but five layer is surface repair ,solemn ,moving around quite a bit of momentum between .
But speaking ,face tag ò U piled greasy smile ,the eyes of his shrewdness è『.Lin Yi smiled awkwardly ,not make noise, is very simple and honest about ,the fat friar is not a snort .
Enter é n after the temple ,Lin stared in amazement .Around numerous training monk ,is the general situation ,be overcome by one are stopped ,with Hinch God èlooked up -- -- PS sincerely thank each and every subscription polling rewards friends ,is your support ,let Sally unknown to the public .
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