March 01 [Wed], 2006, 15:45


さて 、オリジナルブログのURLもう新しく変えた!注意しよよ 。。


okie.. gotta post sm stuffs here soon..almost forgot all abt it..

i stil love tis blog! so cute!! kawaii naa..

why do we have so much to talk abt????? 

January 18 [Wed], 2006, 19:49
Mum asked what do alx and i sms to each other.

why do we sms evyday?

whats there to say!?

dont we chat online (msn) evyday?

why dont she and dad talk so much

why do we stil have so much to talk even thou we meet up long enough to say all the things we could say

muahah.. alx, u ans her k.

i told her to ask u (but i'm not sure if she dares to. heehee)


January 17 [Tue], 2006, 21:21

in bestest mood today

i was grinning through out my bus journey~~~~

it reali is after the , cos i'm now seeing


what a day in sch 

January 16 [Mon], 2006, 21:02
woo.. today's CS class was quite interesting..

think i'm gonna like the class.

reali hope my appealing is successful!!

school jus started for a wk and there seems to have alot of readings to be done.

signed up for 3 workshops today with mr alx's companion. helped ms tham and ah kah to sign up too..

hah wouldnt have signed up so many without his "approval". he is already stepped into this 社会大学了嘛..

aniwae, yah think they will be useful.. those are not free workshops also, SO.......................... THEY BETTER BE USEFUL.

poor alx got bad stomach upset today. diarrhea..

poor thing.

and he stil came to nus today to fetch me cos he took a half day leave due to the stomach upset.

weird him hor.

we had sushi in sch together after my class and althou we got 15% discount, it is STILL EXPENSIVE how come

hope he is feeling better !!

2 or 3 days? 

January 07 [Sat], 2006, 20:28
will be having hip hop on tue.

wonder if i stil wanna go with 2 days wk.

meaning tue will be lesson from 9 to 6.. and dance from 8 onwards.

mayb a 3 days wk will be nicer.

hopefully ms tham can join me!!!!

go study liao .. tata..


January 07 [Sat], 2006, 17:15
bad gastric


suppose to have lesson from 9am to 6pm , but din attend the 3pm class cos of the pain. aniwae ms tham also dont feel like going.

last night, alx already said he will fetch me aft my class at 6, but my last min decision reali left him with little time to prepare.

Sms-ed him ard 220 asking for his opinion whether i shld attend class.

his reply was of cos not to go and will leave hse immediately if i'm leaving at 3.

i made up my mind onli at ard 240. So indecisive =p

after saying to ms tham and alighted the bus, i called alx telling him "i'm going home". Well, i suggested that we meet at westmall since it would hav taken him more than 1 hr to reach nus.

actualli i dont think i can make it to westmall myself since i felt giddy, nauseous, and in PAIN!!!!

wonder y i stil suggested that instead of him coming to nus.

but i think he sensed my pain and so he took a down immediately.

Hmm din reali like the idea of him taking a taxi down cos its ex frm his hse.

but bo bian, ha i reali wan him to come, and to reach FAST

glad that he could read my mind

i told him the pain come and go

yeah indeed, while waiting for him, i was already playing phone games

i'm a pro

After he arrived, he tried to psycho me to see doc.



So, i kept showing that i am OK! (althou he doesnt believe me 90% of the times)

i won.

the pain seems to hav subsided as i completed this post.


Blessing in disguise 

January 06 [Fri], 2006, 9:52
Quite glad tt i couldnt get my cyber crime module. FATED!!

Its a blessing in disguise.

Or else my wed will only have 1 lesson which is from 6 to 9.

like wat i told alx last night: "its gonna be sunshine after the rain"

and his reply: "i'm ur sunshine!"


whats my rain?

bad headache, bad toothache (gum ache), bad hairstyle, bad bidding.

When i wanted 2-day wk, it took me quite long to plan one, and now tt i dint intend to have a 2-day wk, its looking for me. (i think and hope lar)

ms tham, we are gonna see each other 5 times a wk again! its fated!!


going out later with mum since i cant bid for anithing


January 05 [Thu], 2006, 23:58


 幸田来未さん の fringe


>> あきら君 ! 日本語、もう勉強しましたか?勉強しなさいよ !!


January 05 [Thu], 2006, 21:23



Decided to change to this blog temporary cos i'm getting bored with my old one, but i cant find ani nice blog skin as a replacement.

Aniwae, i will still be blogging at that old blog evy now and den~ hah i guess there isnt much ple who reads my blog (so who cares where i blog in??) also since i din give the address to many ple.

OH yah, i had a new haircut, and i look horrendous althou the hairstylist say i look PUNK. its looks more like " PUKE " to me.

Gotta style it with wax in order to look punky, otherwise i look reali like SHIT .

Dont feel like going aniwhere with this hairstyle, but i got lesson on sat!!!!! Have to bear with it for like 2 to 3 wks before i look normal.
This also means... NO PHOTO SHOTS AT ALL, NO! NO! ダメなんだよ!!

i'm an ugly duckling.........................................................

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