"Celia, perdue dans le temps..." 

March 30 [Tue], 2010, 4:29
Pics taken in Castle of Blois, with the sweet and feminine Anouk , please have a look at her work!
She deserve it a lot!
It's very fun, because her style look very much to lolita, when I have seen her for the first time I thought she was casual lolita.
She is very kind, gentle, so sweet, I am happy to know her!

de la lumiere et des contrastes... 

January 25 [Mon], 2010, 1:27

I took some pictures with circle lens, the bonnet come from chantilly
and I found a beautiful clip...

du ...voyage 

January 16 [Sat], 2010, 5:23
I tried gipsy lolita style?

And I went to beaubourg in paris!

Look fat like this...

I like paris,but people are really...unfriendly...

Il fait TRES froid! 

January 09 [Sat], 2010, 6:34
Hoshizora no mother goose

j'ai mes lentiiiiiiiilles! 

January 07 [Thu], 2010, 6:43
I have my circle lens!!

il fait froid... 

January 06 [Wed], 2010, 6:41
very very cold weather...I like it!

I need to sew more...

mon histoire ou la tienne, peu importe... 

January 03 [Sun], 2010, 7:42
"le porteur de princesse"

It's a little love story with a little lolita and a guy, they are opposite but they can be in love...It's not very clear...
I think it's love, but it's because I am in love, isn't it?
The guy is inspired by the person I like...

If you want to see more (but in french..)

and now some PICS
I tried kodona/babac look


Diane look beautiful in the last pic...

I like my dress>_<

Que dois je faire... 

January 02 [Sat], 2010, 6:50

"la tricoteuse d'étoiles"

"mets juste tes pas dans les miens, si tu tombes, moi, je te retiens..."

2 pics inspired of kokusyoku sumire and hanamizu

I was watching "you're beautiful" with Diane, drama are really bad for me, I cry everytime I watch one...

Elle essaie... 

October 22 [Thu], 2009, 1:29
I try my best and work hard, and now I can work on lolita things, so I am really happy even if I am REALLY busy
I do reaaly want to be good to enter in a good school, I must work hard! Not only for school, but for me, I want to lose weight, and be cuter, and have more cute dress, and I want the guy like me even if I don't wear "hippie" and "babacool" style~~

But it's lolita EVERYDAY! YAY
(a little coord)

I have decided to know people, to try to grow (in my mind), I want to make friend with people, and all, so I will go to a party's classmate (and friend), it's a little scary,'cause I don't smoke and I don't drink alcool, so I am afraid to be bored and all. (and my bestfriend want to make me drink alcool in my tea that will never work, HAHAHAHAHAHA)
That's all! now I must work
Bisoux à toutes!

Dans le froid 

October 18 [Sun], 2009, 3:31
*happy* I can work what I like, it's so cool *happy happy*

I will take my bath!
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