Garbage disposal

September 17 [Thu], 2009, 13:53
"Garbage disposal"

This dialogue says that:
> Where can I find the garbage can here?
> We usually use a garbage disposal to make compost for the flowers and vegetables in the garden.
> By the way, shall I bring up some bottles of wine from the basement?

the meaning of the words:
rubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse

waste material; refuse.

leave (rubbish or a number of objects) lying untidily in a place.
> there was broken glass littered about.
> No litter.

having the right to do or obtain something; satisfying the appropriate conditions
> eligible candidates
> Is she eligible for maternity leave?


September 16 [Wed], 2009, 0:53
"One-touch security"
- Skimming information from bank cards to make forgeries is becoming a big social problem. What should we do to maintain our private information safely? "

This article says that:
> Some offices introduced a new device to scan finger blood vessel patterns. All we have to do is put our finger on a scanner and the device can identify us, though we have to pre-register our patterns beforehand. Only authorized people are allowed to enter the high-security area.
> Blood vessel patterns vary from person to person like fingerprints, palm prints, and retinas.
> In the near future we can expect to see it used for condominiums, houses and schools. Also, credit card and ATM transactions, and even immigration purposes. This could mean that we won't have to carry such items as house keys, cards, seals or even passports.

Recently many things are getting digitized and very convenient to use.

For example, when we transfer our money to another bank account, all we have to do is go to a near ATM and touch some buttons. Using the internet, we can transfer in our house.

A house key is more complex and difficult to copy. IC cards are also introduced.

In the near future, every functions we can imagine will be packed into a cellphone. Though we are carrying about a key, wallet, notebook and so on, the only thing we carry out will be a cellphone.

Then, there is a big problem to solve. Because we pack a large amount of information into a cellphone, it is dangerous to lost it and to have it forgeried. Therefore, the technique of distinguishing biometrics is essential.

In the near future, we may implant an IC chip in our body and use information with it.

HARU :-)


September 15 [Tue], 2009, 10:17
Long time no see!!

Nowadays I joined the "science labo" and have developed and loaded a sensor. I also help a training course which courages students playing with robots.

I'm so crazy about it and it will teach me a lot.

My subjects is to learn the technique about electronics and to share it with members. Specifically, I deal with some sensor and construct the network and some programs. I also want to have a robot cross the Biwa lake with a GPS circuit. To have robots play soccer is very interesting.

During next a half year, I challenge in the labo.

Oh, I also have to write this blog.

HARU :-)


September 09 [Wed], 2009, 10:37
blog item "how long did you sleep today?"

These days I sleep for only 6.5 hours!!! It is unbelievable.
In August I slept for 10 hours if long.
If I get up in the afternoon, I feel the whole day very short. Futhermore, if I sleep more and more, I feel more sleepy.

Today I get up at 9 o'clock and see the Web, write this blog.

HARU :-)


September 09 [Wed], 2009, 10:28

I have written about DIALOGUE 1800 which has many kinds of dialogue and totally 120. It is a little difficult.

I begin to writing about ”ブログネタ" from Ameba Blog. Its theme is easygoing and is nearly daily conversation. I call it "a blog item," but if you have a better English translation, please tell me.
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