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August 20 [Tue], 2013, 12:04
Wednesday practice update —Carroll talks harvin on nfl network

The seahawks are off the field following the sixth practice of training camp.The team was in half pads(Helmets, shoulder pads, sweats/shorts).
A few new guys were sitting out notably lb bobby wagner and cb jeremy lane but coach pete carroll did not talk to the local media today so we did not get specifics on those.Lane had a boot on his foot, however.
Two other players appeared to get hurt during practice rookie te luke willson and wr stephen williams.Willson took a hard hit from winston guy and was having his arm looked at afterward.It was unclear why williams was out.
Otherwise, the big story here continues to be the news that broke Cheap New York Jets Jerseys tuesday that wr percy harvin will have surgery on his hip tomorrow in new york.
While carroll did not speak to local reporters, he did address the issue with the nfl network, a video you can see.
As you can hear, carroll said harvin does have a chance to get back this season but that we will find that out after the procedure.
So for now, no clearer timeline on when he may be back, as should have been expected since they won t really know for sure what they have to fix until they do the surgery.
Carroll said the loss of harvin will not change the team s offense.
It really doesn t, he said.We said from the start we just want to put him in the lineup and become one of the guys out ther playing, so we really haven t changed anything.
Carroll did not that we will miss him on kickoff returns.He s one of the best ever.That s an issue for us to fill.The team let leon washington go after acquiring harvin.
Carroll also said of sidney rice that he will be back in a couple of days and will soon be back on thee practice field.
Asked a couple of receivers who the team may call on now, carroll cited jermaine kearse and stephen williams.
In a few other notes.
There were a total of 18 players who were out today.Seven were the six guys on the pup and the other on the non-Football injury list who have been out all year.That left 11 players who have practiced at some point this camp who were out today.They are wagner,   lane, de cliff avril, tes michael palmer and darren fells, cb ron parker, de kenneth boatright, ol michael bowie, rice, dt michael brooks and lb kyle knox.
With wagner out, allen bradford worked as the no.1 MLB.
Benson mayowa continued to get significant work with the Wholesale Sports Jerseys starting nickel defense.
There continues to beRotating of theRight guard spot between john moffitt and j.R.Sweezy.Moffitt got much of the work with the ones today, though.
What might have been the play of the day came in a 7-On-7 scramble drill when Russell Wilson, well, scrambled around and then lofted a pass of about 60 yards or so deep into the end zone to an apparently wide open TE Sean McGrath.Safety earl thomas, though, recovered quickly and got back in time to swipe the ball out of mcgrath s hands.
That play came after the no.1 secondary had given up two long completions in that same drill, one a catch by Golden Tate past Brandon Browner and the other by Chris Harper.Richard sherman got pretty vocal after those two plays, and thomas then responded with the strip of mcgrath.
Jameson konz, re-Signed by the team yesterday, is wearing no.87 and working with the tight ends.He had also been listed as a linebacker.