m looking for an evening dress… what are the design terms for what I want?

September 26 [Wed], 2012, 9:42

Question by Kiki: I;m looking for an evening dress… what are the design terms for what I want?
I have several elements in mind that I might want to mix and match…
So, for the bodice I want either the strapless heart-shaped one (I think it;s called sweetheart?) or the strapless one that is sort of rounded right above the bust, with no cleavage showing.
For the back, I want EITHER very low and rounded at the bottom, or open until just below the shoulder blades with laces from the low back up to there. I want the waist slim, maybe with a sash and ribbon, with the skirt sweeping back into a short train.

So how can I search online for cheap evening dressesthat have these elements? Or perhaps if you can find one for me… lol.

Thank you.
Yeah I meant flared from the waist.

Best answer:

Answer by Ms. Vintag E.
Heart-shaped neckline: sweetheart necklne
Rounded above bust: Strapless or tube
Low and rounded: Scoop back or low back neckline
Low with lacing: Low back neckline with corset lacing
Waist slim with sash: Fitted waist? Cinched waist? Ribbon around waist? Or do mean the skirt flared from the evening dresses sale should be fit to your measurements regardless.
Short train: self-explanatory

There are a lot of terms for the same detail.. if have any more questions, I;m here.. You;ll have to do the searching yourself though

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