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March 01 [Sat], 2014, 16:26
A great dad will give his daughter the gift of a healthy, well-rounded sense of self, confidence, and security, as well as a strong sense of identity. She will view men as good, fair, balanced and complimentary figures in her life, and is more likely to form happy, balanced partnerships and relationships. An absent dad could give rise to feelings of rejection and abandonment, low self-esteem and a poor sense of self. This situation could potentially lead to unstable relationships as his daughter would not have had the opportunity to learn the behavior and thought patterns that complement good, strong, balanced relationships.However, another positive male role model such as a grandfather or an uncle could offset the negative effect of an absent dad. A bad dad distorts our view of men from the very beginning. A daughter will learn that the figure アグ ugg who was supposed to protect and provide for her has let her down. She is more likely to develop a view like: ‘I have to protect オーストラリアアグ myself from all men as they are going to hurt me.’ Absent or bad dads are pretty much the same in that certain needs are not being met. The daughter may try to meet them in other ways, and there's often an underlying void or sense of loss. Any type of abuse could, of course, give rise to many deep-seated psychological issues.If it's true that women seek husbands just like their fathers, the message for dads is to be the man you want your daughter to marry.Letting Go of the PastAs adult women, we need to be able to recognize potentially destructive patterns that may have been set up as a result of a destructive relationship with our fathers. Once we can identify these thoughts and behaviors, most of the battle is won because then we can go about correcting them. When we start to do something about these issues, we take back control of our decisions, and take responsibility for our actions.We can then also begin to repair the relationships with our fathers. Once we've taken action, we are more able to forgive those who may have inflicted those patterns upon us (even unintentionally). We can also then acknowledge that our fathers are fallible, and that they'll no longer affect our lives.When you've had a negative experience, even if it was unintended by your dad, recognition of the areas in which he has influenced you, and a decision to rethink old thought patterns and change your behavior can be incredibly empowering. In positive circumstances, make time to acknowledge the role your father has played in your life, give him an opportunity to enjoy your success, and let him know how what he taught you, even inadvertently, has helped you lead your life.Many women have regrets when it comes to their relationship アグブーツ with their fathers. Some of these include judging them too harshly, distancing themselves from their dads, not resolving conflict, taking sides in a parental split, and not taking the time to get to know their fathers as adults. But it's never too late.In the end, there was a lot I didn't get to do with my dad. We didn't get to see the sunset together at a watering hole at Mana Pools. I never got to visit his restored dream farmhouse in the south of France, and he never made it to my wedding. A fatal car accident just weeks before meant I cannot share my travel plans and my successes with him. He's no longer there to answer my medical questions and give me investment advice. He'll never meet his grandchildren and he didn't have the opportunity to tell me he was proud of me. And I never got a chance to say thank you for the incredible legacy he left me.
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