That's why I wanna go away 

September 24 [Sun], 2006, 1:34
You won't never satisfy
no matter how I try
Now I want to say goodbey to you!
Do you know?
NO! and NEVER!!

I feel bored...but you never know.
I feel stress...but you never know.
I wanna leave but you never know!!

I think there is a real gap between us...
the range is so much for you,
the range is so much for me.

Now, there's something left in my head...
I am sorry that I'm planning to quit.


September 17 [Sun], 2006, 0:27
9月16日 土曜日
Rachel と東方神起 & Super Junior の話すがたくさんありましたね!メンバ─を全部覺えられます!約束だよ!

16th September Sat
We’ve talked about & Super Junior a lot today, right, Rachel? I swear I can remember the members!

Nichole, Happi birthday to u~ 

September 11 [Mon], 2006, 0:31
9月8日 金曜日
みんなは (私、Fion、Nichole、Yuki、HowardとEddie) 一緒にNicholeのお誕生日 のために西九龍中心へ行きます!明將と言うのレストランで放題したいが、あのレストランはとても有名なぁ…みんなは1時間で待った、まだ食べられない!怒るよ!!

8th September Fri
What a NICE night!
We go to the West Kowloon Centre to celebrate Nichole’s B-day ! We wanna have buffet in the MingChang Japanese restaurant first, but it is too famous… We have waited for an hour, and still cannot enter the restaurant! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


September 02 [Sat], 2006, 1:43
9月1日 金曜日
今日は希ちゃんと旺角へ!人がすごく多いね! 天氣はすごく暑いね! 2人はすごく樂しいね!
今日もTommy表弟の誕生日!お誕生日 おめでとう!

1st September Fri
Sorry…these two days had nothing special, so I hadn’t written anything.
Today was the beginning of school days, but I’m still free~ Hee hee─
Today I went to Mongkok with kath~ There was tooooo many people! Tooooo hot! And we were tooooo happy today~!
Today was also my little cousin Tommy’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you~


August 30 [Wed], 2006, 1:12
8月29日 火曜日
午後の3時ぐらい、母と全昌のヘア屋 へ行きました!母はhair cuttingだけ、私は電髮していました。需要時間がちょっと長かったけど、效果はとてもいい!今、大滿足!

29th August Tue
Mum and I went to the salon in TusenChang about 3 o’clock. Mum just had hair cutting but I had a perm. Although it needed quite a long time, the result was really good! HAPPY!


August 29 [Tue], 2006, 1:06
8月28日 月曜日
今日は妹とCherryちゃんと一緒に紅樹林レストランへ喫茶しに行きました。 あのレストランは初めてよ!みんなは食べたり、話をしたりして、もう一時間でした!樂しかったね〜 ありがとう、Cherryちゃん

28th August Mon
I went to the Red Forest Restaurant to have tea with little sis and Cherry today. It was my first time to eat there. Our dating has lasted about an hour. Highly enjoyable~ Thank you, Cherry!

CW 香港22 

August 28 [Mon], 2006, 0:48
8月27日 日曜日
私と妹は遲かったなぁ……半時間に待った、私たちはhall に入りました!本当に人が多かった!「全部の年青人が來るん?」と思いました。

27th August Sun
Today was Comic World HongKong 22! Congratulations!!
Little sis and I were too late…we’ve waited for half and hour to enter the hall! And there was tooooooo many people! I thought all teens have come here…


August 28 [Mon], 2006, 0:15
8月26日 土曜日
來週の金曜日、希ちゃんと一緒に旺角へ行くよ!希ちゃんは映画、DEATH NOTEを見たいと言いました……でも……私はEFの友達とあの映画を見ましたね……もう一度見て?

26th August Sat.
Next Friday, I will go to Mongkok with kath. She said she wants to watch the movie DEATH NOTE…but…I’ve watched it with friends of EF…May I watch it again?


August 26 [Sat], 2006, 0:59
8月25日 金曜日
昨日、私は中國の韶關からかえりました。炒米餅だけ、買って來ました。そして、お金がたくさんあるんから、母は怒る……何に?!買い物より、saving moneyのほうがいいでしょう?どうして怒るよ?ぜんぜん分かりませんなぁ……

25th August Fri
I was back from ShaoGuan, China yesterday. I’ve just bought some “fried-rice-biscuits”. As I had saved a lot of money, mum feels angry……What?! Saving money is better than wasting it, isn’t it? Why dose she get angry? I can’t understand……
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