2007年02月01日(木) 1時42分
hello~ nai好ma? 很久沒來了 我很好 hehe

daily life 

2006年10月03日(火) 21時06分
hey~my dream boy,
why are you such popular?
I can't closer to touch you more...

When I saw <小s的懷孕日記> ,
I feel lonely...
more and more.

Long time not see 

2006年10月01日(日) 13時40分
no come here very long time la,
more things have a big variety,

the most important is....... 17 become 18,
but I think I am not become an adult,
is a kidult, hahaha!!!

fall in love 

2005年06月21日(火) 0時26分
Close your eyes, you'll find,
your feelings will guide.
Can't you see, who make you crazy.
Open your heart and open your mind.
Every body fall in love

Close your eyes,you're find, be who what you are.
Don't be shy, your dream will come true.
May be you're wrong or may be you're right.
Every body fall in love

a moment to remumber 

2005年06月13日(月) 16時21分

the website have a lot of gd ideas,
very beautiful and very pro!!!
just can use one words to describe---正!

ten thousands


2005年06月13日(月) 16時15分

李恩宙is really beautiful !i like her very much!!!
but she was death....


2005年05月31日(火) 18時46分
Here is really good!
does not have too many people to know, although more Chinese cannot demonstrate, but eng is better! right?
Everybody supports me to use English to hit the diary,coz me to be very happy.
I changed English name---Mavis,good? give me some comment.

I change the diary skin,so petty and so cutie!!!!!

Perhaps I must use observer's angle to look at the world

hope have a good weekend 

2005年05月19日(木) 18時54分
i can listen八王子,
so happy.
i will listen one piece everyday,
two weeks after,
i will change,
i think,i have some diffence,
maybe a little,maybe a lot of.
anyway,i hope become a best,best and best girl.
just a hand movement can be this---,
i will try my best in the last EX,
support me,


2005年05月05日(木) 23時13分
just i know,
這個地方叫..........Secrent Garden。



After seventeen,

Enjoying my life:)

I missing and waiting my sweetheart.


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