Monkey tree review-End the conversation in English

July 19 [Wed], 2017, 18:13
Monkey tree review, You get all the information you need from the talker, probably the time to end the conversation, so you have to let the talker know that you may not have much time to talk again.
You can use the following session sentences as appropriate. For example, if you are late, you can say:
I have to get going. / It's time for me to go.
(This is polite and neutral.)
I have to run; can we continue later?
(This is less formal, but also polite.)
If you get all the information you need, you can use the following sentence:
Thank you so much for your help!
(A very common and useful session sentence)
Got it, thanks!
(Informal but very friendly)
I think I have everything I need, thank you!
(This is the official session of the language, but if you do not have to thank each other later, may be caused by misunderstanding, so be careful to use)
End Talk with Small Talk
To end the conversation, say goodbye before, you can also use the chat English conversation! Example:
Have a good day!
(This applies to any situation.)
Enjoy your day!
(This is a more formal term.)
Good luck!
(Depending on the circumstances.)
Talk to you soon!
(This does not necessarily mean that you will soon be talking to this person.)
Great see you / Great talking to you!
(This is informal but common)
Catch you later!
(This is informal but very interesting.)
Say goodbye
After that, the only thing to do is to say goodbye, this is very simple. When you say goodbye, you can also use the small talk type of words to supplement. E.g:
Bye! Have a good day!
Catch you later! Bye-bye!
Good night!

English conversation is really simple? Dialogue in English is not necessarily complicated. You may feel a little embarrassed, a bit shy, but it does not matter.
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