Dayong and with eyes so strang

September 26 [Mon], 2011, 14:34
"Let's just admit the three, was an amazing coincidence is that eventually only three. Oh, we should first go up a break, while the Ministry of Personnel of the Zhou Dongxing week ministers over, such specific circumstances

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He give you speak. "Fang Dayong slowly finished, looked surprised and bewildered again Ouyang Lei, head turned and walked upstairs.
Lei Ouyang some scalp tingling moment that the party president to go big time, much deeper meaning to see that his eyes, so he kind of snake locked in feeling. Although did not say anything, but he felt faint hearts

Was wrong. Moment Fang Dayong and with eyes so strange to see yourself, how can not let him have associations.
Shoulders sank, turned around to see are draped over their shoulders Bing, Bing said: "Ouyang, like what? Go, are you still afraid of the Ministry of Personnel do not you ah, with your skill, let a few people you

The first count, do not nobody can not you ah. Haha, back end thing, we find Sa brother to drink to children, not fate today is really simple, you can be allowed to shirk ah. "Then, pushing his
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Walked with the crowd behind him.
Ouyang Ray nodded and smiled, be agreed. Bing Chen is on his mind a great impression, naturally not refuse. Now think of what side his son's thinking, to temporarily do not want the. Really

If the Ark that old man want to own when the mice, do not also ran their own. By today's interview, at least that he is still dry enough security cell, where it wants another big deal.
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