the temperature will gradually decline

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 12:51
Next, 9 is 15 ℃, 10 ℃, 11 point is and 21 ℃, 12 point is 22 ℃, less than 1 PM, hangzhou's highest temperature is 24.2 ℃ soared to.

Not only hangzhou hot, "left adjacent nike free run 3 shoes for sale right" followed with heat. Yesterday, in addition to the northern zhejiang province, zhejiang other most areas, the highest

temperature in 22-25 ℃ between, the hottest place in yinzhou and roof, the highest temperature is 26.6 ℃.

Nanjing, hefei, Shanghai, hangzhou, the four big cities, between each other, two to three hours by train will arrive, but yesterday afternoon 1 point 7 ℃, hefei,

nanjing 9 ℃, Shanghai 17 ℃. Hangzhou 24.2 ℃. Yesterday's east China, experience the ice hot flame.

Why so hot

Suddenly a strong warm moist air flows to attack

Last week, building heart, ChunAn, jinhua quzhou and it was the first snow. Yesterday's hangzhou, is like a warm spring, even early summer. What to wear out, became a


Just brush micro bo, hangzhou's net nike free run 3.0 v2 on sale friends say, morning wear eiderdown outerwear and snow boots to go out at noon, all quick heat cry. But yesterday the north many

places, it is a heavy snow, and net friend in micro blog show snowman, beautiful snow battle.

Yesterday, hangzhou why so hot? Weather experts explain, a little profession: the main or because a recent period of time, the subtropical high rare out west, strong

PianNaFeng carry warm moist air flows north constantly.

In simple terms, is a recent warm moist air flows with the power suddenly, a strong hit, the influence to the day before yesterday also extend to over shandong. And the

north two days without further down the cold air, so the south is the wave of warm air unify the whole country. Add to that the sun helps add wood fire, temperature

natural rising rapidly.

The cold air in the coming days with rain

Temperature drop range can be as high as 10 ℃

In hangzhou, old old people know, after heat must be big cold.

From yesterday evening began, and the air began to influence in zhejiang province. In the next two days, the changes in temperature air over in zhejiang province, to

join the heavy rain, the temperature will gradually decline, the lowest temperature, generally in the 7-9 ℃, the highest temperature is between 12-14 ℃, compared with

yesterday, temperature drop range up to 10 ℃.

From next Monday, cold air added cheap nike roshe run shoes down, still can rain, will be cool. It wasn't until the next week three, the rain will stop, the morning air temperature is low, in

zhejiang province general in 1-3 ℃ between, other areas in 4, 6 ℃ between.

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