think of those days of wandering around in the snow

October 22 [Tue], 2013, 17:56
when a love evolved into sleepless nights, dull purgatory suffering, my dear, I in the night can not find your way, I'm afraid dawn, fear after dawn brings all true, I'm sitting here looking forward to the night, looking forward to your arrival, even if difficult to fly off the wing, even if not all wrapped my dignity, I also put yourself in the end of time in the expectation that a new green, mottled tasting in a soft, a sincere call, my dear, you know, my heart just for you! spring came, I hope not in the far, right? Rain from the original, it is not far away, running in the chase lonely shadow, remember to write down the romantic city is flying catkins, the city why not drift your eyes traces all the glitz earthly shadows lengthen our mutual , my dear, you intelligibility, I'm waiting for you! a person, a city, a crazy, etc. I, distressed ...... [four] several little girl wearing a womens ugg boots bailey button braided horns twitter head over, no one else flew from me, holding the hands of unknown flowers, Nama yellow jump into my eyes, crossing, seemed to see me, greedily sniffing the aroma, and partners are always noisy non-stop, really well. I did innocently stood, his face with a faint smile, has been watched them, in the Spring and? Should be. Spring, I struggled shook his head and smiled. I have not like spring because it is ambiguous, but this year's spring rain wind with snow, never had a clear and rich. Pan-green willow branches, was mottled green lawn, urging me to have to hurry up, spring is always the case, when you feel it coming,

it is about to lose it. Footsteps of spring always in a hurry and rush. spring sunshine also can be thoroughly dazzling original wind somewhat annoying, but a splendid spring, springtime, there are kites, dry spring winds will be declared colorful flowers and grass replaced the spring is so cute, why should we deliberately resist it? Just stubbornly like winter. I do not know, only in the pursuit of perfection in it? So, I began looking forward to flying catkins day! I like catkins flying catkins around when I think of winter snow fluttering, think sensational snow, think of those days of wandering around in the snow. Catkins will dance, it gave me longing for romance and dreams, hearts dance along. staring out the window, we are the same? Is it the same one from the sky? Perhaps only, perhaps, if the heart, dream on, enough! What do you think? Xue Wu still laughing now! love smoked Mexican language, ambiguous figure again familiar and unfamiliar. - Postscript go towards to the Department, many years later, stood at the window of the old people, would still like to quietly staring. At that time, I never feel lonely in this world, uggs uk his eyes full of happiness in the emanation of the clarity of the light. Because the love of this ancient, the dream is not empty. Back to listen, endless notes from time to time passing peaceful. Turbulence of the Red, bearish it has not sorrow without joy. Mu vicissitudes pacifier ravines, yearning heart scar became a weather-beaten seeds buried in the bottom of my heart, will eventually bloom, the flowers opened, called happiness! Perhaps in the depths of the next stop gazing! Zhouzha warble, lock windows Message, hopes forward to the next stop in the refuge dull! Can happiness have you?
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