We should believe in heaven.

January 15 [Tue], 2013, 10:31
We should believe in heaven.
    This afternoon I looked up and look at the table, モンクレールa few minutes shy away from the first anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, quietly waiting for the arrival of the moment I was alone in the house. Remember a year ago, at this very moment, we are in a meeting, obviously felt the earthquake zone are separated by thousands of miles of Beijing earthquake In my past experience, never guess less than epicentral distance so far.
    At that moment, the forces of nature, the power of the human gently appropriated aside raging mad, despite the grief and pain of the human, モンクレールアウトレットits own way. The human moment trance, sad thinking sad, bitter experience, save a life in the rubble countless. Known natural treasure natural to have to heal the wounds in the natural pain, which seems unfair. Millions of years of human history so that the risk of human knowledge on the sense of shame and brave.
    If we fall because of fear, and that is shame. Chinese people in history to the last moment before the issue of the final roar Wenchuan earthquake confirmed. Year passed quickly, we still clearly remember those days was the unity of the whole nation, do not flinch in the face of such a catastrophic disaster, and a race against time to fight with their lives. My 87,149 dead compatriots, their soul in heaven must be aware of,モンクレールダウン the nation's blood is the blood of a cavity, the tears of the nation is also of a handful of tears.
    Year, the deceased have to go, rest in peace; living predicament, in the manner of the British; constitutes a national framework for the souls of our nation, the Chinese people to enjoy happiness in the framework of the national culture, ダウンモンクレールto withstand hardships; whenever I see those the children lost their parents and parents lost their children reported, I will pray: believe in heaven, I believe that paradise is also happy, fair Enze the dead and the living.related article:

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