The blue sand sail Festival opening beach digging treasure your participation in

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 16:54

The blue sand sail Festival opening beach digging treasure your participation in

Sea Imperial 21 'Weihai 2012 the HOBIE World Sailing Championships opening yesterday afternoon, hundreds of members of the public and tourists on the beach beach courageously digging up treasure, Shandong Weihai first "blue sand sail Festival which kicked off.

The beach digging treasure game site located in the north of the international beach sailing Square on the beach, the sand sails Festival Organizing Committee's staff and volunteers loaded Weidang well, there is a lot of fun on the beach, people gather over . Among the first to participate in the game, both middle-aged, 60-year-old child.

Led by six volunteers, they came six games venues. With the presenters gave an order, some of the people participating in the game squat body hand began to push lightly sand, some with their feet directly exploration suddenly flying up a lot of sand on the beach, and the atmosphere warm up. Soon, hidden in the sand medals one by one to be dug out. Nine medals from Anhui Mr. King dug within the specified time, receive a mini LED flashlight, beautiful pendant and other prizes, he was a little disappointed. "Well, how did not dig the first prize, I particularly want KAPPA backpack. Else, such as the weekend and then come together with friends." Weihai work prone forest became the luckiest man in the first-round game, he hit the ground running, dug up 13 medals, of which there is a first prize. Get the limited edition of 398 yuan worth KAPPA backpack, he was grinning from ear to ear.

It is understood that the blue sand the sail section "beach digging treasure games by Jinan Pepsi-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. exclusive title sponsor for activities to provide a variety of prizes valued at more than ten thousand yuan, including a limited edition of 398 yuan worth KAPPA backpack, value more than 200 yuan in T-shirts, cups, mini LED flashlight, exquisite pendant, Pepsi and other prizes. In the public and visitors to the beach are on-site registration, free to participate in the game; Even if not dig treasure sand sail Festival Organizing Committee will send a small souvenir.

The beach digging treasure activities will also be on the 21st of this month, 22, 28, 29 days over two weekends as well as the closing of the World Cup held in the 30th. Then, welcome to the beach watching the world sail race to the beach to dig up treasure, to share the happiness brought by the World Cup
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