90% of vehicle air unqualified air car air purifier much pro-gaze

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 12:49

90% of vehicle air unqualified air car air purifier much pro-gaze

In mid-September, causing the parties concerned about the Mercedes-Benz C200 car air formaldehyde exceeded 4 times created a hubbub, 300 owners of collective complaints.

Subsequently, a site published a "healthy Vehicle Inspection Report", the report is directed at the 11-car interior presence of carcinogenic substances. Currently on the market is also

There are some car air testing equipment, but little formal air inside the vehicle testing organizations, over the issue of toxic and harmful gas for the car, the car

Manufacturers, 4S shop, after-sales services buck each, so even if the test results are indeed excessive, there is no solution, many owners choose

Buy an air purifier to ensure that the quality of air inside the vehicle.

11 Chevrolet, Brilliance Junjie car air carcinogenic

The report, including long Yuexiang three cars interior PAHs than 10mg/kg, great harm for commodities constant contact

Adults and children have a greater risk of cancer. At the same time, the Chang'an Suzuki SX4 eight models PAHs between 5-10mg/kg

More than 25 times more than children's exposure limits would be the child's physical health damage, certain cancer risk for adults.

It is reported that this survey selected in the sale of 32 brands in the market, a total of 44 models as a test object. The main testing the car with people

PAHs in the car seats, headrests, steering wheel and other interior contact, commissioned by the national and international multi-certified third-party testing machine

The structure detection test, the detection process is carried out in accordance with a German named GS certification standards.

Involving models: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons super 10mg/kg: long Yuexiang Wei Chi, Tianjin FAW, Chery A3; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in 5-10mg/kg: Changan

Suzuki SX4, Shanghai GM Chevrolet Europe, the SAIC-GM-Wuling Po Chun 630, SAIC Roewe 350, Brilliance Junjie, Changhe Suzuki Big Dipper Elsevier

Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai New Shengda.

Vehicle air pollution comes mainly from the decorative material in the leather, textiles, plastic parts, glue, etc., they emit benzene, formaldehyde

, Xylene and other toxic gases, will cause serious harm to the human liver, kidney, respiratory and blood-forming organs, immune function. Studies show that

Chemicals that people are exposed to in the car a lot more contact than in other indoor. Driving long-term exposure to these chemicals can pass

Over breathing and exposure to dust can cause a lot of health problems, including allergies, liver poisoning, certain birth defects and cancer.

90% of vehicle air substandard consumer rights rejected calls for the introduction of mandatory standards

In March this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the "passenger air quality assessment Guide, but due to the" Guide "is a push

Recommended standards, rather than mandatory standards, greatly reduced its normative role. Consumers as a result of the vehicle interior materials, toxic substances seriously overweight manufacturers

Court, but rejected because the domestic no written legal rights.

China Interior Decoration Association Indoor Air Monitoring Center had 200 vehicles for testing and found reference to indoor air quality standards

Nearly 90% of the cars the car air formaldehyde or benzene content over the issue, and most of the vehicles high levels of formaldehyde in more than five or six times.

A few years ago, there have been some domestic industries and organizations have reference to indoor air quality standard detection of the car, the results are very optimistic.

Due to the lack of mandatory standards, car manufacturers do not have strong legal constraints in the production process to choose which materials and accessories, mining

What process, without much thought to the impact on the air quality inside. Reporter visited part of the auto 4S shops found, although the responsible people are sound

Said the material selection of environmentally friendly materials, but what is in accordance with what criteria to choose, there is no clear answer. Product quality supervision and inspection of Changchun City

The relevant person in charge of the House of inspection that develop mandatory standards is the future trend of the times. The dealer said that the introduction of mandatory standards for manufacturers to change the

Good interior air quality, long-term development of the future of the automobile manufacturers still good.

Is urgent to improve the air quality inside the air purifier or pro-gaze

Currently, the air purifier on the market pattern many more traditional: charcoal bag, bamboo charcoal, Photocatalyst, fragrances, air

These five purifiers and air purification engineering. From Efficacy angle considering, carbon package, charcoal adsorption capacity is small, it is easy to reach saturation, so that

Short-term, for air purification, the effect is minimal, difficult to achieve the desired effect of indoor remove formaldehyde. Compared to carbon

Package, charcoal, fragrances, will give consumers a "pseudo" feeling of indoor air purification, mainly because it is perfume to cover up

Harmful gas odor, can be described as symptoms, not the root cause, so the effect can not purify the indoor air.

Order to improve air quality, in addition to the introduction of long-term air-governance policies, many research institutions are also actively developing air purification technology

Healthy breathing experience for consumers for the first time. Of course, these techniques start and not used in a vehicle. Experienced a longer period of

Time the concept of conversion, when people realized that the car air there are also serious pollution, specifically for automotive car air purifier technology was gradually

Attention so far, the market has a lot of car air purifier, used to purify the air inside the car smell, toxic or harmful gases

Vehicle pollution, bacteria and viruses.

The Philips Car air purifier

Higher product purification efficiency of the filter type car air purifier, car air purifier to Philips, for example. It is equipment used in aircraft

The days level efficient small motors, the motor life up to 60,000 hours, three cubic meters of air per hour can filter more than 10 times, to fully protect the car

Within the air purification rate. Furthermore, HESA, HEPA, etc. triple combination of filters, can be efficiently purifying automobile small as 0.3 micron fine particles

Tablets, secondhand smoke, formaldehyde, toluene, bacteria, and other harmful substances, can effectively purify the air inside the car.
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