High-heeled shoes

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 16:54
When we were young, we always put their little feet on the mother's women's high heel sandals, stride forward cautiously, Paying attention to the voice with the "Pata Pata", like to wear women's high heel sandals have grown, be a the girl has a graceful posture, it is for high-heeled shoes with beauty and spent my childhood years. Future dream lifetime of every girl features a couple of high heels, all sorts, a myriad of styles.

Now whenever I hear high heel pumps "da da da", I felt failed to hold the original feeling, imagine red bottom shoes usa pumps brimming with impetuous and publicity. Often see students wearing burnished campus neotenous pointy women's high heel sandals, always stepping with a slightly faster pace, shoes issued by the sort of "da da da" sound, experiencing the attention. copies of publicity. Just put them under when it comes to high-heeled shoes can be a flip, nevertheless they still don't want to lose.

We always like walked urgent pace habits raised his check out demonstrate their pride, self-centered habits, employed to complain that references habits pessimistic look at life. Perhaps because wear women's christian louboutin shoes online sandals, we thought there was pride. However, I define this social phenomenon "high heels era full of too impetuous, too much publicity. On this era of a lot of man for himself wore high heel shoes, too many people head elevation expressed pride, humbly believe they're able to through this height will be farther. However, how come we need to wear high heel shoes "Yuanwang, instead of try running barefoot, while they saw no more farther you?

With impetuous to disguise themselves clearly immature performance, with a peaceful heart, to chase an aspiration, realize the value of greater than high heels to face still Zhuzu more free and straightforward to wear flip.
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