OPPO Find 7 Cheats VOOC flash back to the blood filling Technical Analysis

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 12:33
I believe many people use smart phones during the most painful than the standby time is short on. Especially in the last two years, processor, screen, memory play with one upgrade, though brought more smooth experience, but let the battery has a higher load, a variety of technical innovation, except life has not been a big problem breakthrough.

However, in March 19, 2014, OPPO introduced a new flagship product Find 7, in addition to the powerful hardware configuration and performance, a highlight of the machine is the use of self-developed by the OPPO VOOC flash charging technology. According to official data, it can achieve 75% of full battery 3000mAh battery in 30 minutes, 10 minutes charging support call two hours. What is the techniques and principles make OPPO Find 7 so quickly, "the return of blood"? VOOC unique flash charging technology, what does? Today, I come to you a detailed explanation.
According power = voltage × current × time is calculated, in the case of a fixed capacity, or only by increasing the voltage increases the current way to shorten the charging time.

High voltage and low current modes: voltage increases, the need to design multiple step-down circuit in the charging circuit. General phone charging process is the first step-down voltage to 220V civilian charger voltage 5V and 5V charger voltage 4.2V battery voltage drops again. The charger and the phone circuits are present buck circuit, so when charging, the charger may have a fever, the phone will be hot. Bring bad experience heat and affect the safety of the battery.

Low-voltage, high-current mode: increasing the current in the circuit and battery charger circuits are introduced to replace the MCU chip microcomputer buck circuit. Under the premise of low voltage, high current, voltage loop through the opening segment to achieve cross-current output stream. OPPO's VOOC flash charge using a low-voltage, high current solution ideas, not only to ensure that the level of aviation safety, but also an unprecedented solution to the problem of mobile phone charging fever, whether or mobile phone while it is charging adapter will no longer heat.

OPPO To develop VOOC flash charging technology, the upstream supplier of a full range of custom IC devices. The first creative use of MCU chip microcomputer to replace the traditional step-down circuit charging circuit. Intelligent management chip MCU can automatically identify the current charging device supports VOOC flash charge. If so, will be staging cross-flow to achieve the output stage current; If it detects does not support, it will automatically use the charging current to achieve steady trickle charging.

VOOC speed flash rechargeyour visible, I believe OPPO Find 7 users already clearly felt VOOC flash charge brings speed fun. And this carefree feeling in the configuration growing, increasing consumption in the background is very important. VOOC OPPO flash charge is a creative product, compared to the other still in the laboratory stage of rapid charging technology, OPPO has been mass-produced products. I believe this one step ahead of the action, not only to give users a good experience, while also stimulating technological innovation in the Chinese consumer electronics brand on.

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