Supra s1w uk, accompany you looking for a good way to relax in autumn

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 16:17

When the autumn weather approaching, your mind long repressed desire to travel is not getting spurt ? After a siege of the summer heat, combined with work to bring deep exhaustion, is the breathe out of . But often I'm sorry things, though enthusiastic,supra vaider uk but very few holidays, travel plan is not so easy to achieve. But no need to be discouraged, in the beautiful autumn can choose a pair of comfortable shoes to accompany the release of mood you're looking for a good way, while preparing for the next trip .

For each day sitting in the office of the people, there is precious little chance to exercise, commuting to cars in the evening back to the residence is lying directly rhythm, physical exertion, heart, tired, can not wait motionless directly to dawn . But the body is the capital of revolution, riding the cool autumn comes, pick a sunny good weather to take a long bar, both severely stretch your body going rigid muscles, but also meets the beautiful scenery along the way, why the not ? easy when you're wearing a track suit, pedal a pair of Nike hiking shoes, panting to reach the top, overlooking the foot of the mountains, as if the blue sky all at your fingertips, bursts of breeze blowing full of sweat cheeks, those troubles at work and tired already thrown to the winds, an open mind, leaving only the towering mountains of reverence .

Unlike hiking in a short time for the strength requirements, jogging can better step by step, so sleeping for a long time feeling the movement of the body slowly to its gentle call. Think about in the breeze in the morning, around without the crowds get their ears listen to regular breathing, Adidas pair of feet staggered Huanbu quietly with you, fresh air this time also the only one who exclusive, is not that he is very happy it ?

Jogging at night is also a good time to nightfall, the day of all the natural exit,supra s1w uk including yourself are shrouded in black among the boundless, not everything can be put aside, the body 's attention at that moment they look neat pace on . Out of a sweat in the back quarters comfortably hot bath, can sleep secure in the next day while still in high spirits appear in front of colleagues, go all out to put to work .

If you feel too intense hiking and jogging, worried for a long time without exercise, but to adapt to the body of one o'clock, you can also choose casual relaxed outing to relax, relieve stress . Face every day piled up high-rise buildings of reinforced concrete, those green grass, lush trees, red maple leaves are just like the memory of a few centuries ago, it is time to return to the rebirth of nature . This season to go to the country lanes, striking is the golden one, bright color is a symbol of the harvest season . Feet, a pair of comfortable shoes Converse canvas step on the soft soil, nose came Ruoyouruowu sweet, the mind will emerge from the Sentimental to those golden fruit growth picture, they were able to experience the wind and rain windy in the branches . In fact, life in those trivial, it was some of the growth process Sentimental rain breeze, urging us quickly becomes a tempting fruit.

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