How to Use Sublimation Papers Over Dark Colors

January 09 [Fri], 2015, 15:48
Dye sublimation is a process that allows manufacturers to print graphics and text in black
and white or color on a variety of items including mugs, shirts, license plates, ceramics and
more. Special ink called sublimation ink, heat and pressure are used to
transfer images from specially transfer paper onto the variety of treated surfaces.
Sublimation ink is used because it transforms from a solid to a gas without going through
liquid form, enabling a clean and precise transfer. Which can be done easily.
1, Load dye sublimation ink into an inkjet printer. Load the design you want to transfer to
a polymer-coated material or at least 50 percent polyester content T-shirt into a graphics
program on your computer.

2, Place a piece of white dye sub dark polyurethane transfer paper into your printer and
print the design onto the paper.

3, Place the printed piece of dye sub dark polyurethane transfer paper face down onto
the T-shirt or other item to which you want to transfer it.
4, Adhere the transfer paper with design to the dark t-shirt or other item with a heat
press set to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the press closed with moderate to heavy
pressure for 10 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the type of material to which you are
transferring the design.

5, Remove the item from the press, examine it for color transfer and allow it to cool.
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