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October 30 [Wed], 2013, 17:05
Yes, Madame," I said, "you suggested to me that the actions are not designed to redress crime, only because you yourself to commit a crime. Therefore, to do exactly what you say, it can only be a bad thing, nothing makes sense. Take a step back and say, if your intent is just to human misery to this man for revenge, you do also still doing bad things. Retaliation because it's none of your business, its own legal nike air max 2013 uk sanctions against offenders, let the law take action now! God's sword will not make us weak hands, us it just to the blasphemy laws. ”"You'll know soon enough, Terry, if there really is a God to punish or reward the human activities ... ... After saiweilinnuo left the next day, the brothers decided to give away one of my companions. I escape the day selected in announcing judgment day for this poor girl, thinking they will relax with me watching.

The next day, I was afraid of being chased by feeling completely calmed down. Hot weather is surprisingly, to be safe, I've avoided the road, trying to find a small place to shelter, rest a bit, and wait until dark. Road on the right-hand side there is a Grove, a crystal-clear streams, I think this is a great place to cool off. Cool and pure water I was thirsty, I ate a piece of bread. My back against a tree, the clean, fresh air flowing in my veins, and presently, he got his strength back, all my senses are calmed. There, I was thinking about my bumpy fate without precedent, in worship and morality on the nike air max 97 hyperfuse road covered with thorns, however, no matter what experience, I always return to the worship of God, always love, obedience from which this virtue, as reflected in the all-powerful. Joy, excitement and wells up in me. I said to myself, well, I worship God's compassion is not going to abandon me, because even at this moment I have to rely on, and recovered her strength.
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