Jing five washed thousands Nike Free womens bade bade

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 17:05
Solution of a crony, also faded down underwear. Zhao Jingwu was no wishful thinking at this point, Liu Yue, also dry up, but, after all, is inexperienced, panic panic panic, a wilted flower running water. Gas and laughing Liu Yue, punish and Zhao Jingwu made dirty underwear to the cleaners. Zhao Jing five washed thousands Nike Free womens bade bade can't tell this, Liu Yue said, "said go out and let people laugh at you poor? "Zhao Jingwu says:" not me no, I was too excited, the second is in the Zhuang family tensions, when we were married, you know, I got it! "Said, and warned," you mentioned me as little as possible here, Zhuang and sensitive as we can be, you're talking too much in case it loses, he figured out we have this thing, that he did not know how it would look, and I. "Liu Yue said:" alas, so afraid of you teachers, what are you teachers are people, he does not do anything? "

Zhao Jingwu listened to her with the nike free 3.0 tongue in the cheek, and said:" teacher do? "Liu Yue has said has Zhuang Zhidie and Tang Wan children of thing, Zhao Jingwu listen has pour eat has a surprised, is serious has face commanded Liu Yue again not to outside said this thing, said:" village teacher in outside prestige is high, a bunch of friends students also full by has he of, this thing let outsiders know has, he pour has fame children, everyone also followed on finished, we do he students of to knows how set he of prestige, to has authority consciousness miles! "Said Liu Yue nod was, but said:" I have a girl naked for you, end up like a flower, no results, I wanted you! Not convenient for you here, tomorrow I'll come over. "Zhao Jingwu said," Meng teacher said, women do it dry guts bigger, I also do not believe. "Crowded look embarrassed Liu Yue. Liu Yue said, "already have today, what else I'm ashamed, let alone not you people in the future? "
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