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Struggle 127 chapters of the general public the contents of this article, if you like ordinary people struggle 127 chapter, chapter 127 collection of ordinary people struggle! Republic on May 21, 2007, the day the capital destined to cause concern at home and abroad, a nice novel full side of the: Konoha living leisure reading. Bannermen in seven or nobility of this country, even gathered thousands of people in the name of the fight for equal rights and interests under the banner down the street demonstrations, which may fall below the glasses, after all, in the past they have ruled this country UGG Women's Denim Jacquard, and now they even for the so-called equal rights took to the streets, which is beyond the imagination of everyone, whether citizens or foreigners. Murderer! It seems that in that Liang Xun as a farce, to know the capital full over six hundred twenty thousand bannermen. Results yesterday connectivity with divisions only this less than six thousand people participated in the procession. unknown risks over online 'Die Another Day full side reading. For those who cherished the results from the court even rice to miss a ground bannerman, most of them will not. Although long as to procession at noon will be pipe a meal, can be in case forward to the fight, to not value the meal. Alley traders looked the student station walls, beside them stood spade, heart suddenly feeling a little bad, some timid quickly began to gather up their own business, and today is certainly not a good day to do business, though do not know these students mentioning stick going to do, but obviously not a good thing. A middle-aged man in a pick up in the alley stalls gazes scene. Others do not know what happened, as bannermen places he certainly understand. Can not help but secretly glad that his eyelids to live, things to see and understand. Think of this quickly packed up their stalls throughout the city to something, for fear will make them to adverse impacts to fish, to their own can really cry no tears, this is something all on credit. especially in the capital has a number of renowned heritage was assassinated, although the police perfunctory to the school to ask the circle after left, but we all know that these things stem of these radical students, but all people do not want to go into it. Then the Chang'an Avenue faint coming full Tartars remnants of their cries, all students have the wall, picked up a stick for next shovel rod school 'with the eager look on his face, Some students are feeling the pocket with the blade, this is a moment to those full Tartars remnants are cut braids. As for the roadside to those police to maintain order, as well as bystanders civilians, Pu Wei and not looked down on. The most important performances to see those foreigners. At this roadside a foreign lady holding umbrella burst of people see from the street out of the alley, looked at those students, wearing black laptop carrying large stick foreign lady can not help but exclaim, which when a roadside it was noted that more than a dozen sticks out from the road on both sides of the roadway dozen students carrying clubs, nice Fiction: North download is king TXT the shouting slogans uniform by the students out of the roadway, This is the contents of the book Introduction Zourong to Thousands of students sent to uniform voice was a bit low, and with a little bit of anger in the mood. Foreigners on the side of the road to listen to the sound of students mentioning stick some gaping at these young students. be protected by law. Hoon know and around Pu Wei importance in the plan, they must not hesitate to everything to protect him, of course, also need to protect themselves. Greatly excited students rushed to the parade crowd, almost beat up. Not wearing school uniforms waving a stick while on the sleeve of the man red cloth belt not fastened. The Murder! Kill people. The thousands bannerman fled off. That took Pu Wei, Liang Xun ran toward the side of the road, just punch two steps of a bespectacled student waving a stick and rushed to the front of that Liang Xun. That beam hoon even did on the kick stand in front of students stamp to the side, at the same time readily grab from the hands of a student to a stick, waving a stick guarding Pu Wei outwards red, when that beam Xun guarding Pu Wei came to the sidewalk when out of Rendui the Chang'an Avenue completely caught a tear bucket. Experienced students initially frightened bannerman also have with the hands of all students tear bucket up some bannermen stick snatched from the hands of students armed with wooden sticks mounted toward those wearing black students body head head fight to , the backing of many people Banners advantage, and the bucket the experience of past street tear, slowly began to account for the upper hand, relying on the initial sense of leakage * point to bring courage students are those used to fight The opponents of the flag of people in the frame, the other book club watching: the latest chapter of the souls of the legend of the Lich god! Difficult for them to fight to the scene of thousands of people in the streets beyond their imagination, especially to see students wearing a black school clothing waving sticks in the crowd when hitting these students and they have seen in the past that the Chinese students Contact together. Banners. Watching students Banners playing profuse blood look like, Pengrui first have forgotten the initial intention, to him playing to swing the stick toward those who only know at this time. I saw a ground with sticks head split over. Pengrui first did not even have time to escape the sticks fiercely hit on the forehead, almost possible to hear the moment in Pengrui first collapsed to the ground the issued Cuixiang own skull fracture. Chang'an Avenue at this time seems to have become the general of the blood-stained. Screams, cries, cry for help to be heard, to see the students at a disadvantage when the open is to go after those roadside pedestrians UGG Women's Classic Tall Boots, traders have also Chaozhuo guy rushed past. The sky is the number of guns from the five-type pistol out of the holster. cursing loudly its shot shot will that Banners waving the stick hit the ground, look good novel: Network Battle of the Three Kingdoms dominance is read ! When all students did not think it would happen this reversal, beating the party into a party was chasing, these look like the military at this time to see, like a wronged children generally loud cried. The cries of the students and call for help stimulate and moving each arrived soldiers. They are holding a gun regarded sights around Executive, trying to get an order from him, soldiers apparently ready to shoot as like their brothers. Now is not the Ching dynasty that would. If we do not put down something in hand, these soldiers will absolutely shot. Listen to the cry of Tieliang those waving stick the bannermen there do not know the reason. All these play into the fine people Banners flew into the hands of the sticks thrown into the ground, his face somewhat proud look UGGs Plumdale, see those soldiers only teeth itch, no one was way street a crowd the foreign devil stood, holding the camera photographed strong. Bastard! His Wu Bingxiang how when the National Police Agency Director! Connect the dots before the wind have received such a big thing Choo Starlit Boots! side of the conflict has never to this made such a big fire. Chang'an Street Han flag conflict Hundreds of students were injured, including 56 people injured, 13 students were killed. As for those bannermen casualties has nothing to do with Duan, when only need to reassure the line. But these students are to the provinces of students. Them out of trouble in the capital, provinces will naturally questioned central. Not Wubing Xiang did not receive the wind. Militant groups, but from Shanghai, The Wu Bingxiang pressure from students is also patriotism dictates will line the things of this biased, but who did not think would happen to such a thing today. fair, radical students will do, not his Wu Bingxiang able to predict and control, look good novel: Denon rampant the world read the full side. Even he did not think the students will do so, not to mention his Wu Bingxiang. Xu Shuzheng said there to clean up the mess now is undoubtedly the most important north-south provinces official pressure, especially how to deal with injuries to students in many provinces students. Also need to respond to pressure from the private sector, local chambers of commerce, political groups will have to pressure the government everything as early as possible to make early arrangements, so as not to deal with the stricken. Capital Chang'an Street Han full conflict only one or two hours spread to the Northwest, followed by hundreds of students from the casualties the news shocked the entire northwest. 13 students were killed, and fifty-six students were seriously injured, and hundreds of students were injured! Republican building has been seven years, those riding something again ride the head of the people. Anger in the northwest over the spread. Has always been the spirit of the northwest to nationalism as the core of education, from the nationalist patriotic frenzy of northwest up and down pull together. Capital Chang'an Avenue, was equal to mercilessly in the nationalist faith northwest face severely beat a slap in the face, previously Endeavour brutality and massacres of China Memories of the past have swarmed the heart North Face Mens Denali, before some anger not suppress flocked to the hearts of the people. Especially the group of Northwestern University and high school youth, and they have always been since that he is this on the country is the most patriotic, most tainted * point a group of young, but apparently they are as good as the capital ground classmates capital classmates directly orally on patriotic and nationalist ardor in order to form! . their view they need to do with their own actions, what to prove Northwestern students and not silence. And use the most direct and effective way. Security boss, book club watching: the revival of the Empire! Box 5.6 3 handgun bullets get me! 100 rounds of the kind! Ah! Rest of the money to bring me two magazines. school Wu Guangyu, went straight to the one used to go to the gun store, straight to take a money to buy a handgun box on the 3rd. Three handgun compared to the the shorten the the National Sports bullets ground shell casings length of 8 mm. Can be used in the magazine for the bombs on the semi-automatic pistol, while the length can only be used for limited unlike in the past to the National Sports bullets bullets revolver. subsidized students, two cents a box locket bullets are the most suitable for them. One to buy the things they need, Wu Guangyu straight went to the public toilet, two just bought an empty magazine filled with bullets in the compartment. One pistol, three eight-round magazine, to Wu Guangyu all enough. Xingyuan? You? Delin North Face Outlet Sale! Ye ... Not wanted encountered several students in the car. Can not help but stay the course. Here Wu Guangyu noticed the car seems many are young people, while there is not even what the luggage compartment of the luggage rack. Mostly not with luggage. Just with a carry bag., And Wu Guangyu seems to understand what. The capital of the students who have not had the training, do not know how to fight, this time suffered a major loss, we help them to recover some interest! Let those full Tartar know the point calendar harm! schoolbag in front of Wu Guangyu said, are young people sitting in the carriage of more than a hundred Sancheng despite were wearing civilian clothes, but at Delin understand what they should and as to the capital to discuss the students justice, an eye for an eye, blood for blood, which is the creed of the Northwest. At this time the full drain * points while the angry young people who, apparently forgotten they accept the school education, there is then a word, the other book club watching: worldwide kill the latest chapter, manhandled by a person is equal to the entire social manhandled, manhandled is equivalent to you on your own manhandled society as a whole. to undertake all the injured students to the northwest for treatment. told the Lebanese president and paragraph Prime Minister there, we hope Central can temporarily take over the care of these students there the northwest hope those bannerman should be able to get the fine, to let them know who is in this country land owners! Sima NES hesitate Road on the Office of the Secretary-General command. The capital the frenzy and excitement of the students another when Obiter, but 13 students were killed, fifty six students were seriously injured Sima impossible to accept, especially in those bannermen there is not even one person was killed in the premise. students to life! Those students beating under could not land, but those used to fight the banner of the frame is not the same, but snatched the stick to, that is, according to human life playing pass toward the head hit UGG Australia Knightsbridge. Albeit black-and-white photographs, but I had to let enough anger in Sima hearts accumulate. That Sima even thought of revenge! An eye for an eye, blood for blood! The national question has always been insisted a country, a subject, a language, a culture. The northwest towards the national question in the heyday of this nationalism, solutions, and did not cause any waves, in the eyes of the vast majority of people, to do so is a matter of course, the other book club watching full side reading: Woe cents accepted of nationalism education to young people, it is in accordance with the education they have been accepted to deal with these issues. Patriotic Association After all, these Northwestern students in the capital is totally unfamiliar, you need them to help lead the way. Intelligence and cover for their actions. Riding a bike through the capital to the streets Wu Guangyu not such pursuits go looked alleys, but in a the Huiwen University action after the withdrawal route. Only to protect themselves in order to destroy the enemy. These schools accept students of military training, will not like their capital classmates, rashness, a comprehensive plan from start to retreat! If their instructors know their training is used to do this revenge do not know will Zuoheganxiang, is pleased or other? After no one on the streets of the capital Chang'an Avenue in the morning after the conflict and the military police of the streets of pedestrians and even not far you can see on the streets every Model Army officers and men of the First Division, In order to prevent the expansion of Beijing Chinese and Manchu conflict, the Department of the Army command in Nanyuan Model Army First Division rolled into the capital. But does not the implementation of martial law. advised to so many soldiers and police on the road when I'm afraid a hands here other book club watching: the latest chapter of the dragon-shaped badge. Over military and police will be coming now. Sudden cry almost did Wu Guangyu scared from the car fell off quickly brakes stopped, holding the handlebar palms emerge Khan replied in accordance with the said good sets of words in advance, for fear of a careless to Ship Even Sank. Executive or what students, I'm Charlie Matheson's staff, this is not just work, rushing to come home with. two people loading is clearly not what the student soldiers while talking about a single gun, Frontier Force in their hands they left. Soon they will be riding a bike to a corner and stopped, and Wu Guangyu looked at more than ten meters outside the pub, know the community a tavern own goal. However, at a pub said somewhat bitterly, although when the military police arrested more than four hundred of bannermen, but most Banners or run. , and then I jumped off my bike toward the pub walked past, looking very calm, but Wu Guangyu tense almost all call but gas to, this is the first time Wu Guangyu gun beating. fights, these sub-oceanic students also his mother's tender point! heart, has not yet entered the pub they pulled out a gun. pulled a a fist big piece of meat. A box of cartridges just a dozen empty, Wu Guangyu ran and turned outwards outside the pub, the pub who did not even react, and ran until people Wu Guangyu, outgoing people tear pub shouting sound.
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