I'm too pissed off to think of a title 

2006年03月20日(月) 2時19分
What really pisses me off is the stupidity I have.
I actually gave out a very good idea for a PSA ad to a friend.


It's really so damn good.
I can't imagine how stupid I am to give that idea away!
And I bet Mickey Mouse will like it so much.

Pissed off.

Be wary of KARMA! 

2006年03月15日(水) 4時38分
NEVER ever... let the guys from 2B use my handphone again. They couldn't keep their hands off the camera button. And I'm appointed the holy task of sending them the photos when I return from school. Ha...

Majority of them are Chris' photos anyway. And Yuancun has caught the narcissism disease from him. In fact, the whole bunch have caught the C-Virus. It's deadly.

Ended up playing pool with them after lunch. (And getting trashed badly too) Missed being with my old classmates.

I'm pretty frustrated at how dishonest students in school can be. Di lost her phone at the female toilet. 30 mins after she lost it, I gave her phone a call... Only to realize the phone was switched off. That person who picked it up definitely has no intention of returning the phone right from the moment she picked it up. A bare 30 minutes! She doesn't even give the owner a chance in getting her phone back. And talk about the lack of privacy these days when people pick up handphones. NYP Tammy was a case of how others can be so disrespectful of the properties belonging to others. Thank goodness, all she had were her photos, stupid faces we've made and pictures of her dog.

I suppose we won't ever find out who took the phone but I hope karma befalls on her.

Urgh. And guess what I'm looking at now?

Toilet tissue dispensers.

1 more chapter! 

2006年03月03日(金) 3時43分
Vivian came over today after her assessment to bake cookies with me. Details will be in the next entry when I'm free from my freelancing project. Photos will be up when I feel like putting it up. I've not taken any photos yet and I'm really exhausted.

I'm left with 1 more chapter to lay tomorrow and then it's the contents and index pages. For once... I've finished my quota (my own targets) before 5am. And I shall sleep early for once. Yes, it's considered early to me. I've been comtemplating to continue working on the last chapter but my shoulder, back and neck are aching like hell.

When was it... the last time I slept at 1am? Sounded like maybe a month ago or so. I'll take a breather during the weekends before the school reopens and hell starts all over again.

Good night. At 4am. Yeah. I'm 1 hour earlier than usual. That's comforting.

Ah Meow to enter Fat Cat contest? No way!! 

2006年02月24日(金) 23時45分
3 down! 4 to go! 2 almost done! 1 extended! 1 not done at all!! 2 competitions to enter. 1 freelancing job to kill.

And no holidays.

So... I decided to pamper myself while i continue to slog for all the assignments I have taken up willingly and unwillingly with...


I must be crazy to think that these are actually heavenly food that I must savour to the very last bit of them. But I'm a junkie. I love junk food.

Oh and I bought these:

Haven't been taking care of my skin for quite some time, having not enough sleep and so much stress, I should at least do something about the breakouts on my face. And since my facial wash's running out, I'll try something new. The bottle kinda attracted me with its cute illustration.

Back to working.

Why isn't anyone awake? 

2006年02月21日(火) 6時48分
I'm almost done with my flash for Design in Context. Left with the last portion which I think I'll do it tomorrow.

I'm so dead.
Look at the time! I should be waking up soon. LOL!!
Nap, I shall.


2006年02月19日(日) 5時55分
Look at the time. Yeah, hell it is great!

I spent 3 hours working on flash for Design in Context. Minnie Tan, you'd better appreciate the time and effort I put in for your stupid project because I can very well do an extremely simple animation for you and head to bed early.

Thanks to Yuelong who (god knows why he's up at this unholy hour too) taught me how to make shape change animations. You see, I'm old and senile. I forget even the simplest things.

And for the first time of my life, I've tasted acrylic paint. It tastes sour and there's a spicy taste behind it. Causes your tongue to feel that tingling sensation. You can try eating your acrylic paints. I'm still alive afterall. But do mind you, not to take in big amounts. A small lick at the tip is fine. You don't want to end up like Vincent Van Gogh, do you? Although yeah I love his work.

I'm cranky at this hour. And looking at that pile of rubbish at a corner of my bed, the brushes and papers lying all over the room, a table filled with all rubbish, I can never get anymore cranky than I am now. Oh... but that doesn't mean I'm going to clear my room any time soon.



ハッピー バランタインス デー! 

2006年02月15日(水) 2時16分
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Once again... I'm late for my wishes again. Valentine's Day was ok, I guess. Caught up with Rena at the MRT Station. She kept hitting me with her soft toy. After working at DHL for quite some time, I've never met her on my way home. Her bus is supposed to stop at the one outside my station. Got a few chocolates from Aidi, Yuelong and Jesvin. Someone stole one of my chocolates!

Jesvin had a gossip session with us. LOL. Quite amusing to have her like one of us. She asked if I wanted to participate in this Logo Design Competition. I'm actually happy that she trusted me to give me this opportunity to not waste my one week break away. LOL! And of course, the chances of getting some cash. Not forgetting more exposure.

I've been thinking of getting an inverted cross pendant. But everytime I asked my friends if they've seen one, they'll go "You're satanic!" LOL! So I got myself a normal cross.

I'm done with my part on Graphics Design. Yay! I can throw that subject aside soon and concentrate on others.

This was how my Valentine's Day 2006 was.

So how did you spend your valentine's day?

ハッピー バランタインス デー!

Missing my teddy 

2006年02月13日(月) 3時25分
I miss my brother!!

It's 6 more months till I see my brother again. I want my teddy bear back! I'm hoping he gets a PR at Australia. So I might be able to go overseas for further studies! Maybe my mum will approve if my brother's there to accompany me. But I'm hoping to go with Vivian too! Gah... I need my mum's approval first.

I'm done with my part for the mailer for GD. Well, for now. Done with the decoration for our mace tomorrow too. Have to get this done too so we can all get started to working our projects out. I've been a good girl this weekend. Now I'm left with AD! But I've not had enough sleep the previous night, woke up early on Sunday, running all over Singapore (Yes, I've been to the west, the north and the east today), and now I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

To those who put up with my nonsense for the past few weeks. Sorry to make you guys put me up for the next 2 weeks again. But hey! I've been back to normal for a while at night while talking to Huizi and Vivian.

Valentines' in a day's time. And I have no date. Depressing but I can't be bothered either. It's a good thing in a way. I get to stay at home and plunge myself into that sea of homework left to be done.

So much to be done. Ack.

Stressed Out 

2006年02月09日(木) 19時37分
Sometimes... you'd just wonder how bothered you can be with people you no longer hold any feelings for anymore.

And then another issue comes along and I'm so scared of facing myself. So afraid of it, I run from it by digging a hole and plunging deep in, to hide.

Wait... I have too many problems now. And it's giving me a bad headache. So much work to do, so little time. I'm bad at making mock-ups. That makes me pretty helpless this term. All I can do, are the graphical parts. Plus, I have no mood to do work at all. Brother's leaving. I've got a game to play. (I should learn to exercise self-discipline.) And I've got piles of work to do.

Almost blew up at a lecturer earlier on.

That aside. I'm tired. I'm having a bad headache. And I'm hungry. So don't irritate me or I'll bite ya.

No More!! 

2006年02月06日(月) 1時28分
I swear I'm not playing any WoW for the next 24 hours.

I've been through quite a bad run some time ago where everyone isn't cooperating with the leader. Dragging too many aggros and even after finishing the current batch, more appear and I've not gotten my mana back at all. Leads to no heals and more deaths. And yeah... when your party members die too often (and so do you), as a priest, you feel terrible. Honestly. The last run was good because there weren't any of those pesky people aggroing enemies and thinking they can kill the whole lot at a go (not giving any spare thought for the ones who are trying to keep their hp up). But it just isn't good enough to make me feel any better. Even with encouragements.

It's really not easy to be a healer.

Anyway... I think I'll feel better in no time but I've got Ah Lye's work to finish up with. Thinking of asking her to teach me the ways of using acrylic paint in class. So I've got to get all my work ready.

Here's a picture of my character.

P/S: I took off my gloves 'cos it looks better without them.

Pardon my crappy graphics card. Afterall it's a cheap card that's only worth SGD50+ or so. It looks a lot better on my brother's pc. Really.
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