Hair oil the reason

September 16 [Wed], 2015, 12:19
Excessive use of chemical hair products containing silicone oils can lead to hair or shampoo out of oil. Before using hair spray and spray hair styling, if your hair has been oil, cut off the hair for a long time contact with the air, it will make your scalp more oily. Also, we just grab a bottle of shampoo ingredients at the supermarket, it's easy to find a substance called poly dimethyl siloxane, it is often said that smoothing agent for silicone oil, were sticky liquid, insoluble in water, but soluble in oil. Experts say that long-term use of silicone oil there is no harm, but the long-term use of the same product, prone to hair loss hair, hair oil.
Of course, hair oil people are trying a variety of approaches to deal with, according to summed up the experience of the ancients, that compendium of Materia Medica is mentioned in the rice water to wash the head method is worth a try. Rice water with heat and cooling blood, decontamination effect of descaling. First two or three days to put the rice and water in a container and then used to wash, try to even the roots soak into the basin with the hair, scalp hair roots full contact with fermented rice water, continue to massage your scalp with your fingers, make rice water moisturizes hair. After washing with clean warm water to clean one or two times.
In addition, conditioning hair oil problems, be sure to avoid health care errors. Many people think that washing your hair with hot water to remove grease, then washed with cold water, you can play the role of pores, and so as to keep the hair dry. Hot easy decontamination, but also stimulates the scalp, automatically makes the scalp secrete oil, then rinse with cold water, secreted oil rushed off, residues on the hair. Therefore, for oily hair, it is best to rinse with, does not stimulate the scalp, prevents excessive oil secretion, play a role in oil.