Willy continue shaking his head and said: Bruce Lee smiled and said: my friendsbeats silver , I promise not to pursue the things you threaten me, how

June 20 [Wed], 2012, 11:05
Willy continue shaking his head and said: Bruce Lee smiled and said: my friendsbeats silver , I promise not to pursue the things you threaten me, how? Replica Louis Vuitton I suggest you better hurry up and agreed to take me to discuss with you, or else stay a while there you regret. When they were negotiating a dozen brilliant clothing and dress-bodied French men suddenly burst into the bar outside, looked inside the bar scene,casque beats by dre, if the group head looks like people go Willys side, whispered: Willy see his bodyguards all over the arrogant arrogance flourished up, pointing to Bruce Lee Road: Two dozen people who just rushed Although heart there do not want to, but Willy, then they can not not listen to, otherwise go back to their own that is to court death.Twenty four individuals, Willy finished speaking, not the kind of Bruce Lee,faux beats by dre, the hand grasping his shoulder for the past. They thought,acheter beats by dr dre, like Bruce Lee, this thin man, they can easily win, usually together with Willy all is a big eater,oakley sunglasses online The mountains shake, but they are but brutal professional people to deal with this Maotouxiaohuo son, and that not Shoudaoqinlai.Bruce Lee to stretch to see the four arms, had little to say, the left shoulder to protectbeats pro white the back and two women, Xu Qing, speed stretched out his right hand, Looking four arm in Bruce Lee seems now to attack the four arm snail not much faster, so he is not anxious to hand in the first arm at the elbow joint, lightly, and then they turned to the second, third, fourth arm, Louis Vuitton Alma bounced around the Bruce Lee does not go tube four arms, and quickly withdrew his right hand.No one to see Bruce Lee,prix beats by dre and then twist your body, some move to the ears of the crowd only heard four tones crisp sound of broken bones, to see Bruce Lees four attacks all holding his right arm whispered moan, look on the forehead is already a pain cold Han DC.This misfortune Willy a group of just the door all the bodyguards were shocked, others do not know the skill of the four, but they know very well, not to mention such as Bruce Lee, a weak one, is a strong physique of the special forces, four people want to be uniform in such a short period of time that is impossible.Bruce Lee looked to daze the crowd smiling, laughing: looked just does not under the heavy-handed, or four of the arms have to be full cut off can not he just let four people temporarily lost combat capability.The Willy blankly at the Bruce Lee micro frown Tao: Bruce Lee smiled and said: now, ten, nine,monster beats by dre pas cher, eight Just rushed to all the bodyguards to see Bruce Lees mad state,beats by dre green I thought even if Willy is nothing wrong, you can not so bully.