August 02 [Mon], 2010, 9:31
the problem here is, we really really love each other so much. to the point that we are willing to sacrifice everything for one another. but come to think of it, isn't it a good thing that we love each other so much?

here is the problem. yes, we are willing to sacrifice everything for each other, but we don't let one another to sacrifice for each other. gulo no?

what happened yesterday was a perfect example for this situation.

isn't it great that we fight, because we both want to sacrifice for each other? that's how great our love is. its unconditional, and we don't ask for anything in return. just the smiles in our faces, and the happiness we both feel... they are more than enough to keep us going on.

honey i hope you would understand. if you would like to do everything for me, I WANT TO DO THAT FOR YOU TOO. please let me do it. i want to drive for you, massage you, sing for you, stay up til morning with you, cook for you, buy dinner for you, treat you to a movie, or whatever. all the things that adam sandler is willing to do in the song grow old with you, i want to do it for you too. maybe i sound like a man, a boy or whatever. it just makes me feel good when we are together, very happy, and i was the one who exerted the effort. the exact thing you want to do for me, i want to do it for you too. so please let me.

while i am writing this blog, i am constantly thinking about you. and now, i'm starting to miss you. and just now, i am starting to sound like a cheesy cheesy cheesy person. so now, I'LL STOP.

I'M SORRY HONEY.... bati na tayo....
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