based on their own can use consciousness

May 11 [Sat], 2013, 15:29
"Canopy" at this moment "that is Xiao Bei killed second people." some small chains doppelganger out happened across the distance "burst that is to say, do not follow the normal rules, such as the small iron chains to general needle from being because second people there are tough. Xiao Bei kill local fragmentation, but directly in another part of the local fragmentation Xiao Bei heart a tight, just the body within the violent force, at this time, but also show a strong shock" blood surge, Star Palace within the tremor up "in the central town, and Oriental Jupiter, the two power source with stars, tremor is Xiao Bei based on their own can use consciousness soul cognition, steady down, continue to Xiao Bei in such circumstances, transfer balance skill f hit",Coach Online Bags; hurry up, hurry up...... Xiao Bei eyes, looked at the drum bulge, at this moment, have to shrink back to a family day of the trend of sharp eyes, Xiao Bei, the plastic flow lock power of the occult, again lifted off some of this, Xiao north power energy, can move it again, is the direct and increase, Xiao North "with this part of the increased power energy, again up to his star fist nine nine type eighty-one star fist part, within a very short time is Xiao North shot finished completely curing rule energy, again aggravated this tiny second people just cracked tough has split out the chain part because at some distance, so, caused the chain becomes more and more eyes stared at the second people there, powerful avatar out chains, only the two part drum bulge part, close to this side of" Xiao north and is close to the head of the family day this part "is the curing rule head size to see this very abrupt swelling bulge bright star, in this , direct is attached to see this two part or on the rest of the chain of the chain of roughness, directly increase "success, again in one fell swoop plant north in the hearts of so think Xiao,Coach Online Bags, while at the same time, Xiao North roared out" give me faithful only Xiao North roared is completed, the whole body is again toward the front "in the days of ancient family moved significantly huge head, Xiao north the whole body, to stand for a five m thick thick chains closely connected with a violent force, and this" enhanced peripheral Wu gas cover Xiao North Wu gas consumption level for many times, increase the degree of Xiao North "cold eyes" direct shot before, when Xiao North roar up, bright star "is straight the bulge convex chains,Coach(R) New Arrivals, toward the above severely burdened with hand so," Xiao Bei, is a pair of meat palm, straight into the "bright star light also is Xiao Bei adsorption before second tough curing rule out the bright light curing rules at Stardust hands and themselves with a stellar boxing set out a contact, Xiao Bei, double Foot while immediately star also appeared star step, in this, prepare due-out "again... >
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