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March 17 [Sat], 2007, 21:49
The Hanabis are...

> Injyu
> Kei
> Spade
> Kakki
> Byo
> Kohaku
> Reiko
> Kaede

Suimasen..i need to count howmany members in the gang and howmany more we can accept X3

Injyu here 

February 26 [Mon], 2007, 15:06
Nyahahaha XD All also mails from Tapuu★


February 17 [Sat], 2007, 23:01 dying ady......injyu dying masu...T_T
i am same like in jail....cos here ...i hv no fren tat like to do same thing wif me..

i wan to hv a hapi tis

i wan to hv a crazy tis

in miri..theres nobody wil accompany do d things i like..
they wil juz tink i am wu liao/sotz n nth else better to do than these..other than tat..they duno wad is 'FUN'. sigh..i reli feel like im in a jail..wan to do wad oso cant..pls save me ne hanabis...!!


February 16 [Fri], 2007, 17:16

Name: Kohaku
Birthdate: 02-01-1990
Height: 155-156cm o(TT^TT)o
Talents: 3-pointers, making others laugh, cheer others up
Weakness: Darkness, oni, big thunders, wiggly things(eg: lizard), injection, human
Hobby: Basketball, exercise, on9, music, day-dreaming, writing short stories, reading manga&novel, drawing anime, taking photos……
Fav.Colour: Blue, black, white, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green… ^^”
Fav.Food: PORK!!! Sushi, spaghetti, lasagna, potato, chicken……
Fav.Drink: Soya Bean~
Fav.Band: 雅様, ガゼット, アリス九号, Antic Café, etc…
Joining Date: 01-02-2007 (ルキくんの誕生日)
Suggestions(e.g; activity,event we should have…): Outing, going on holidays, purikura(s)… XD

band band band !! 

February 15 [Thu], 2007, 0:53
no mood to continue sch ady altho im in form 5 tis year..but wad to do? hav to go also..i'll b moving to KL in december. n hope to get a few part time jobs so i can save enuf money to move to japan together wif my bandmates~! for d sake of Psychic*Rhythm! Nex yr im takin jp course only if not i wont hv enuf time to do a few part time jobs n go for band practise every sunday..haih~ need to rent a place for band practise also..not only tis but live n photoshoots also~

hope can compose nice jrock songs!! if possible, we'll even make 1 pv b4 fowarding to japan~ then we can promote our band on9 n get known around japan..if stable~ we will move there... YUME NO TAMENI!!

mayb psychic rhtyhm wil get to perform wif MoNoLith X3 and im sure to meet with my TAPUU!! HAHAA...*hope i wont go fainted instead*

so our plan is..somewhere in 2009, we wil move to Japan!!

as jrockers, we r lucky cos japan has all these clubs esp for jrock bands to go to perform n stuffs..

my band wants 1 more guitarist ...i wonder who wil be d lucky one to join us in our journey~?

I love my Tapuu! 

February 13 [Tue], 2007, 16:32

even the time is still stated freshly there! XD

Really worth it getting sick when ur idol wil come care for u X3

cyooooooo cayangggggg my Tapuu~!!
How rare of it that ur idol actually tells u tat he catched a cold and come concerning over your sickness instead?
He sounds like my husband LOL.

Really no regrets la marrying choosing you, Tapuuuu~!!

he doesnt even call my fan arts as 'FAN' art XD
and he calls me 'anata' (*_*)

can't wait to submit him this & be d 1st to wish him HAPPY VALENTINE~!<3
err...this picture is resized^^"

P/S: THANK YOU SPADE FOR BLESSING ME "hope u get many n many mails from Tapuu!" in SMS. <3

Injyu desu 

February 13 [Tue], 2007, 12:18
Dearie Hanabis~!!

My pc lost ALL the files so I hope you guys will send me ur Kurotsuki Hanabi forms again..gomen nasai T_T

and i hope u guys can send me some jrock files again :(

~ * ~ Byo ~ * ~ 

February 02 [Fri], 2007, 22:05
Finally , Shin came back....
We have waited for a long time....
I have waited for a long time too......
or actually we didnt even waited for him..??

I dont know....have we give up ??
I dont know what should i said.....after's our story....
a story of us and Shin....
but all i can only say.....

" Welcome Back , Shin .... "

Byo desu XD 

January 31 [Wed], 2007, 11:33
This is my cosplay projecto for December 2007........
i know it's still so early to post it......Nyhahahahahahahah XD
March one....i stiill have no idea which one i'm going for ~ ~
Nya ~ ~ Wanna joind the Naruto cosplay team.....and cosplay the only one i wanna cosplay !!!! Gaara !!!!!! my god in Naruto.....Gaara ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * shaving off the eye browns * XD

My 1st day for CF 2007

Miku :: Ryoko
Bou ::
Kanon :: Byo
Teruki ::
* searching for ppl to take Bou and Teruki's place XD *

( second day is secret XD )

Ruki :: ZeoN
Aoi :: Byo
Uruha ::
Reita ::
Kai ::

* dont know who's going to cover for other 3...XD

anyone interest in joining me...????? urgent...searching for ppl to cover them XD


January 31 [Wed], 2007, 11:01
I was so mad now....this thing i have already written in here...but just now the PC suddenly shut down i have to type again......Nya ~ ~

I was so mad for the members .
they always blamed me for not doing anything....
i dont blame them....coz i am the leader and their manager.....
i'm the one who incharge of everythings....
include the costumes.....
i dont mind that i have to go out and buy the items for them.....
and i dont even mind to buy it myself ....
cause i'm willing to....

and now...... the second assist....
few dyas before he only told me that " Sorry , I Dont Wanna Cosplay ! "
now only he told me that he dont wan....????!!!!
Stupid Ryuuji !!! he's the one who told me that why dont we do a cosplay groupy thingy.....i admit that was also part of my idea.....bu the's the one who build it up....
and now for a few months blaming by them.....i've just started with another project.....this time the project is for our groupy.....
and then only he told me that........!!!!!!!!!
this is still ok......but then when we finish decided which character he will be taking.....only fly me aeroplane !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yurusanai !!!!!

and also Niel......the member !!! he's a cute boy member who was always blaming me for not doing things.....
he's also the one who incharge of ordering Punk costumes from Singapore and do i'm incharge from ordering from Japan and China .
and then......he plan so manythings and tell me so many things.....
and now i have started a project for ourself......
and i told him bout it , he got no news for me !!!!!!!
i keep sending hm sms , msg him in Friendster.......but he didnt even give me any news but keep updating his acc !!!!!!!
even told me that a guy who cosplay Shin from Nana wanna join us......whenever i ask them for news....they will just dissapear !!!!! no one's co--operating !!!!!

everytime blame me for doing nothing.....but whnen i started to do it...they are all gone , NO NEWS !!!!!!!
then what for i build up this groupy....?????!!!!!! no use !!!!!!
all the people like this......can talk soooo much so beautiful.....when started to do it.....dont know where they gone !!!!!!!!!!!!
no way !! i'm not going to bother them anymore !!!
if they meet me up in any cosplay event and blaming me for not asking them and joining them....
HAH ! that's their problem ady....SERVES THEM RIGHT !!!!

Leader / Manager is tired !!!!!! no more Niel and Ryuuji in DeViLish_[Re]miX'
go go go away !!!!
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