June 24 [Sun], 2007, 18:30
Egyptians went to the polls in low numbers, Monda, for a referendum on consitional amendments that opposition parties say would strengthen ruling party's grip on power.
`The ruling National Democratic Party is portraying the 34 constitutional amendments as democratic reforms that will help the goverment fight terrorism, but critics say the changes are actually a consolidation of the ruling party's control of the state. The proposed constitutional changes would allow civilians to be tried in military cours and to be arrested and imprisoned without warrants. They would also bar any political party based on religion--a move move aimed at the already banned Muslim Brotherhood. One amendment would reduce judicail oversight of elections and another would give the president the power to dissolve parliament more easily.
Local and international human rights groups have condemnedthe changes and Amnesty International calls it ' the greatest erosion of human rights in Egypt in a quaerter century.' Opposition parties said they felt the referendum would be rigged and most of them are boycotting the vote.

Let's cook!! RECIPE 1 Curry rice 

June 20 [Wed], 2007, 0:35
【Ingredients for 2 people】

●6 okras
●1/2 tomato
●1/2 onion 
●1/2 clove garlic
●1 tbsp salad oil
●2 red chillies
●1/3 lb ground meat(beef&pork)
●2 tbsp curry powder
●1 cup water
●1 block bouillon
●2 tbsp tomato ketchup
●some solt

【how to cook】

1. Rum okras with salt and rinse them in cold water. Cut tomato coarsely, and mince onion and garlic.
2. Heat salad oil in a pan, and saute onion, garlic, red chillies and ground meat.
3. When the meat is heated, add curry powder and fly and mix it with the others. Add tomato and okra in turn and fly them.
4. Add water and skim the scum. Add bouillon and tomao ketchup boil it at medium heat. Season it with salt according to taste.

How ambitious are you? 

February 06 [Tue], 2007, 0:11
In NY, what I learned is to be ambitious.

NY's sky is too bright to see if I am not be proud of myself.

Soared buildings blow my mind.

Dignified charches sanctify my soul.

Greens of Central park give me energy.

People's friendliness makes me smile.

NYC is always full of power to pursue dreams.

The whole things to cover NYC encourage me to proceed.

Even though I almost let it get me down, I can get up.

The vaitalities in the city teach me how I become ambitions.

Don't hegitate. Enjoy eveything. Be honest.

Believe yourself.

No day but today.


February 06 [Tue], 2007, 0:03
I had chance to do presentation in English many times.
In this term, I took presentation class again.

As a result of this course, I began to pursue the way of expressing my individuality.
When I hear other students’ performances, I always think ‘If I were in his/her shoes, how would do I perform? How do I attract audience in my way?’
When everybody is skilled in English, what difference will show up as an attractive way?

Not only to do perform fluently but also to consolidate my style of presentation is my goal.

As a member of the communities, I’d like to show my personality.
Do not imitate, but steal other’s good point and adopt numerous strategies.

This sense might be my style of life.

I got !! new book!! 

February 05 [Mon], 2007, 20:55
I'm sooooooooo excited now.
Looking for a text book in a book store, I found the sequel of 'Retribution' written by Jilliane Hoffman.
I didn't expect that the sequel would be published.
Oh,I wanna read as soon as possible!!

BUT, I have lots of things to do today.
Tomorrow is the dead line of writing report.
Besides, I'm supposed to take some terrible exams.

WWW, I cannot read this book now.
What a shame it would be!!!

to preside of lecture meeting 

January 25 [Thu], 2007, 16:01
Today, I did perside of lecture taken place as open seminar.
It is called 'sikai' in Japanese.
The lecturer was a woman who work for MITSUIBUSSAN and was subordinate of our seminar's teacher.
She was taken in by the company as a first woman of main carrer track.

My role was kind of an interviewer.

with asking some questions like
"What was the environment for women when you started to work?"
"What do you think about work with office lawer as a leagal department person?",
I navigate the lecture.
'Sikai' is required to be flexible.
To ask appropriate question is also important.

I got a little bit nervous, but I got around it in whole.

I realize that I like to talk in front of people and to arrange the lecture.
If I have something which I can be proud of me, it might be this communication skill.


January 23 [Tue], 2007, 0:11
The other thing I re-started is HOT YOGA.
I've stopped it for long time, so I'm getting weak. I cannot beat a cold!!

HOT YOGA is to do exercise which draws from mastle training on the condition of 65%'s humidity and 38℃'s temperature.
It is said that 38℃ is the best temperature for mastle to expand and contract.
You'll be so sweaty!!

HOT YOGA is an extramely exhilating exercise!!

My goal is to get a good figureby HOT YOGA.

Why don't you try

What happened to my confidence I knew? 

January 18 [Thu], 2007, 21:55
One of my beliefs is "Be confident".

If you think "I cannot do anything." or
"I'm not gifted.I'm poor at doing everything",
you won't achieve anything actually.
what you should do is to believe your potential.

There are a great many people who are gifted and intelligent.
If you start to compare you with them, you'll lose your confidence.
You'll hegitate trying something.

I've said for a long time,
"Don't afraid of mistake. Just try! Believe yourself!"

However, what have I been thinking these days??
I am always hesitating to try.
"Is it possible for me to try?'

It is I who am the most negative person in the world.

I must be honest with myself.
It's time to get started.

dry air in winter 

January 18 [Thu], 2007, 20:30
I skiped out on writing a diary for no less than 3days

I... I've had a cold. My throat still hurts.

This time's cold brought me persistant cough and a sore throat.
My voice is too husky to keep hearing.
It may be because of dry air, so I finally got a steam vaporizer!!
It's playing a part of knocking my cold. It's really good for throat.

I didn't know the suitable humidity until I bought this machine.
55%~65% is ideal for health and skin.
When I started to swich on the vaporizer, the humidity of my room was only 33%!!
That low humidity must have caused my sore throat!! Definitry!!

In addition, the low temperature can strip the skin of moisture.
Even if the humidity of winter is the same with that of summer, persentage of moisture included in air of winter is exclusively lower than that of summer.
WWW..that's why skin is rough and day in winter.
Girls need elaborate skin-care!!
Everybody, keep your guard up to dry!!

I got re-started. 

January 15 [Mon], 2007, 0:28
I got re-started to write a diary in English.
Although I notice that this is the most efficient way to blush up English, I've blown off it. Today I'm gonna declare to keep a diary in English everyday!!

I'll achive as much as possible of what I announced this year.
First, by this summer I'll make diet a success!!
Second, I'll keep studying in order to enter a graduated university.
Thirdly, I'll make it a habit to write a diary in English.

Those changes in my mind was brought by the significant comment by my professor.He preached my negative view to my future.

"Don't afraid of failure when you are young."
"Be ambitious"

His talking was summerized as above.
He encouraged me to put my whole heart into studying law in law-school.

I was doing job hunting and going to some big company where I can work as legal staff. I was going to learn law through the job as just one of staffs 'cause I was not confident to pass the bar to be lawyer.

The professor's talking was totally out of blue for me, so I'm still upset what to do now.
Even though I noticed that I've actually wanted to try, I cannot prepare myself.
It only depends on my attitude.

Don't afraid of leaping.

All I need in my mind is that phrase.

Don't afraid.
Blieve my own potential.

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