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September 12 [Thu], 2013, 18:35
; "kill me? Zijin Mountain, a cold eyes. Not far from the Sima three bright immediately reveal a fear to face, just also be visible before the eyes of that sword granville. This was not the rumors Zheng knife? I heard his rank is the promotion of heaven and earth, but also a knife ah, just how the sword idea? So horrible? This is a copy of Zhu sword breath? Yes, that imitation Zhu sword breath, Jima Miryo had ever seen, or that Sima Jia had a high strong, is offering refined imitation Zhu Xian four sword. Is the kind of atmosphere, as if the breath than Sima Jia more grand and general. Impossible, Jima Miryo immediately shook his head, in the green hills, not imitation Zhu Xian can do better than that. Strategy wins. Sima San bright sword burst suddenly broken, Jima Miryo knew that defeat, even sneak attack, also enemy but in front of the Zijin Mountain, he was not Sima and the seal? Why it's gonna be okay? Out is dead, and the Zijin Mountain spell is dead. Sima San bush in a cross, the hands of a saver immediately plug in the entrance. Who is the lady body Dan, gift. Immortal body Dan, is immortal level of Dan medicine, eat the immortal body Dan, can make body strong like fairy device in one hour. More to stimulate the body potential, the strength increased ten times. The Zijin Mountain for to kill their own people, not a good look, it is a dead giveaway Sima three light Canada Goose Reese Bomber Toronto strength. Went to Zijin Mountain to Sima, hit three on the chest. Just this moment, Jima Miryo's immortal body Dan also Canada Goose Trillium Parka CG55 suddenly into the abdomen. The powerful drug stimulation, Jima Miryo's skin turned yellow color. "When! "Hit Sima in the chest in three bright, Jima Miryo back five feet away. But there is no one killed by Zijin Mountain. "Eh? "Zijin Mountain slightly surprised. This is one, if not killed Sima, three bright, also should be reversed Baizhang of that, because Sima is three on the repair, probably is the fairy peak. Although Zijin Mountain did not use the palm, but also not to receive such a weak effect. Just that Dan medicine to him? Zijin Mountain in order to verify this fact, body form in a flash, flash disappeared in front of Sima three bright, it was printed on the three Sima light back. Sima three bright horror that, even if swallowed Jindan, nor Zijin Mountain rival general. No way. How could you do this? "Sima three bright panic channel. Sima San bright eat immortal body Dan, strength soared ten times, but, still can do nothing to Zijin Mountain? Let him continue to attack? A mark Jima Miryo in the back of the above, Jima Miryo stumbled a bit. Be still. "This is what Dan? "The Zijin Mountain with a startled way. Sima three bright how would talk to Zijin Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Mountain? Turned out a big sword cut to the Zijin Mountain, unfortunately, just the sword can not hurt the Zijin Mountain, now how could hurt the Zijin Mountain? Zijin Mountain again in three different parts of the body of Sima on a few times, unfortunately, still nothing. Sima three light body, really as strong as iron. Unable to shake. Small wars later, Zijin Mountain has lost patience, a feet Chuai open Sima three bright moment, the right palm with silver light, little fog in the right palm diffuse. Zijin Mountain is ready to use the palm. And it was at this moment, the hands off Zijin Mountain, because Zijin Mountain was a figure from a distance of Ji to shoot. The speed is too fast!
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