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Clockwise from leading left: Warrior/Champion, Rogue/Nightblade, Cleric/Purifier and Mage/Pyromancer.

Souls are the classes in Rift: Planes of Telara, every with a complete set of abilities along with a class tree. Players select one soul at character creation, and may eventually take on
as much as three souls inside a particular calling and rift mage rotation. There are 336 feasible class combinations, or 224 when not counting the PvP soul.

The soul method allows players to significantly customize their characters - a character
may be built to become either group, PvP, or solo-centric in rift mage chloromancer build.

Souls would be the classes in Rift: Planes of Telara. Each soul is a full-fledged class having a soul tree of abilities and abilities in which players can invest soul points, along with a player can make use of as much as 3 souls at once rift mage roles.

Once leaving the starting zone, players need to wait till they're level 13 and then will have to finish quests to gain their extra souls.Throughout the introduction zone (Terminus for Defiants and Mathosia for Guardians) players may have the chance to pick 3 souls as they progress through the zone.

A Riftstalker, for example, is a "tanking or tough rogue". Players can only equip a souls from a specific Calling (Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, or Mage) but the skills and skills granted by the numerous souls inside a calling may deviate from your calling's normal skills.

There is no cooldown on switching souls, but a player may have to be out of combat
to complete so. Players will have to spend a charge for swapping out souls if they've invested points in to the particular soul that they wish to replace. Players can swap out souls and save multi-soul builds into a total of five roles. The charge goes up every time the reset choice is used (maximum of 50 gold).
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