witnessed the radius and Chen Jie drunk with each

November 04 [Fri], 2016, 22:08
Giuseppe Zanotti Women High Top Croc Chain Sneaker In Black Jie went to the hotel, but witnessed the radius and Chen Jie drunk with each other after the arm into the hotel room, Wen Jie completely collapsed. Fangyuan wake up home, but Wenjie has not allowed to explain the radius, the two quarreled one. Wen
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Croc Zip Sneakers White Jie left a paper divorce agreement, alone, refused to contact and radius. Radius to recover Zhengzhou plea Wen Jie see in the blossoming of the copies to believe in themselves, but Wen Jie iron heart to divorce, but to conceal the blossoming. The two had to calm in Beijing and Zhengzhou. A Wenjie back to
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Leather Ankle Buckle Boots In Black get things, two months no slight embarrassment, radius left her to eat. Wen Jie and radius in front of the computer screen pretending to love and blossoming video chat, the video Wenjie
Giuseppe Zanotti Hommes High Top Trainer Blanc insist on leaving, the radius had no choice but to send Wenjie downstairs, the two see the snowman, see things thinking, radius could not help again Wen Jie to express feelings, Wen Jie said the two never return to the past, to persuade radius to give up. Jia Ni in the district to come back to take things Wenjie, grabbed her to dinner at home, watching the loving Jenny and Jin Zhiming, Wenjie emotion. Tina met Zhang Liangzhong in the community hospital and Jenny eat dumplings, Xing Shi interrogation, warning Zhang Liangzhong people awesome. Wen Jie proposed to rent a house to move out to live in the idea, Wen Jie said he now has no way
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Spike Suede Wedge Sneakers In Blue and radius of a living room, but if it is already divorced under the premise that he does not mind when the radius of the roommate. Fang Wenjie in order not to move out, a bite of a divorce toothpick agreement, Wen Jie surprised, but also signed his name. Two of their own sadly. The next day with Chen Jie, a formal resignation. A radius of chat with Zhang Liangzhong drink that only with their
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Crystal-Studded Suede Sneaker Taupe complete divorce Wenjie to re-recover Wenjie. Wen Jie Zhengzhou business success back to Beijing to Dai Lan work, Dai Lan Qin Pei Wen Jie, two women shake hands. Fangyuan made a dinner at home to welcome the roommate Wen Jie triumphant return. Fang Yuan and Tong Wenjie began roommate life. Wen Jie with Mmi home for dinner, a radius of jealous, borrowed to Zhang Liangzhong beauty secretary Casey, Wen Jie also jealous. The results of Mmi and Casey chat was in full swing, the two dumbfounding. Wenjie returned to the Beijing office, the official reinstatement, Kerry came to congratulate the two bury the hatchet.