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June 05 [Wed], 2013, 12:04
> "Boy, now you go to know! However, I remind you, you have to be careful, lest suffered a major loss!" Qi Lu Yi said, grinning, but quite a bit solemn words into. WwW, QunabEN, coM "know it!" Raymond said snappily. Raymond mind is clear, however, Qi Lu Yi to do this, simply trying to exercise their own practical experience, after all, are all really strong race to battle through numerous among grow up, never heard what a strong through closed-door practice achievements! If that's the case, then the world is estimated to numerous strong, and we did not need to do, it wants to blind pick retreat practice, the customs, the nature is an extremely strong! For Raymond, Qi Lu Yi is naturally full of hope, not just hope Raymond inherit and carry forward the "turn nine medical classics." Raymond hope to embark on the road of self-cultivation, roots Suoyuan find doctors door, complete Qi Lu Yi a wish. If so, then the next road, is bound to be full of thorns and destined rough, killing the dispute shall not be less, if not wealth of practical experience, maybe that time be dead! Now put Renlin Feng Qi Lu Yi deep underground looking ghosts, one came here to experience what Raymond's combat capability, and secondly, it may not have no other meaning. Even this time is quite dangerous, but on par Lu Yi a slovenly appearance, we know that the risk is certainly there, but far to the point of fatal! The key, Raymond vaguely understand twelve, but you want to fully understand and clarify Qi Lu Yi lived not know how long this old guy's idea,Coach Classic Clearance, it is simply impossible. So Raymond promised soon, no longer, and Qi Lu Yi conversation, but release Ling Yuan, looked swept away, his face more and more intense the color of the strong. Because, in just a short span of exchanges among the three surrounding Raymond chi becomes more and more real condensate up! At this time, three of the station location, it is the end of the basement, where the front is the entrance to the ground floor staircase at! Spontaneously, three mouths stopped in her tracks, and stopped! For a time, three have emerged in the face of extremely dignified look! No it is indeed because at this moment, more than just the surrounding chi so powerful, more of a straight man cardiopulmonary meaning fear toward comes! Three hearts on the occasion of surprise, Shi Jinlong suddenly heard shouting: "Oh!" Voice has not yet landed, Raymond foot just felt suddenly a trembling, broken stairs seems to be open to the general moment, a huge ghost hand suddenly stretched out, fiercely grasping the right ankle in the Raymond place! The next moment, this huge ghost hand was obviously trying to Raymond to pull into the ground, as to what would happen underground, do not want to know, what is definitely not a good place for a! However, how can we allow it to succeed Raymond? In fact, as early as yet to sound just Shi Jinlong occasion, Raymond would have been discovered at the foot came faintly Alert! But the danger is far underground threat came less than Raymond, Raymond also like to know what each other in the end have some means, so let it turn out from the ground, attack their own! "Humph!" Lengheng, Raymond's face flashed Lise not help, move the right foot on the ground a few times, seems to be in general with what foot rolling, suddenly startled! Ghost in the huge underground want to Raymond pulled into the moment, ghost suddenly force, followed by volcanic eruptions are like in general, a strong spiritual element to Raymond right foot as the center, rotating swept out! Sudden winds, chi overflowing! Huge ghost hand of the powerful spiritual element under attack, and instantly becomes distorted, ghost hand over immediately bursts of breaking the sound! Immediately, a huge ghost hand in bursts of sound being turned into a jifen, with violent chi drifting around and eventually disappear without a trace! And with the right foot as the foundation around Raymond and spiritual element scattered away, around the sudden chaos chi is endless! Defuse this danger, not only without the slightest Raymond's face lighted up, but showing a heavy! Hanjin Quan and Shi Jinlong seeing, but also immediate reaction over his face nor by imposing emerged hint of color! For a time, three each ready, ready to respond to the presence of ghosts secretly attack! Raymond just a powerful explosive attacks, look at the Hanjin Quan and Shi Jinlong eyes, they both looked very surprised and shocked, obviously, the two of them did not expect such a strong Raymond went so far! Shock, Hanjin Quan heart but also secretly pleased, but fortunately this time to find such a powerful helper Raymond, otherwise the consequences, it is difficult to predict! But now is just the beginning, followed by the situation dangerous unknown,Air Jordan After Game Sale, everything can only go step by step up! Ling Yuan scattered, distant place stairs, suddenly emerged one by one wandering ghosts! At this moment, the trio could not help kick inhaled breath! Although well prepared the hearts of everyone, but a glimpse of farm scene, but could not help but also heart sank! Do not know when, Raymond still being dense row of three competing countless ghosts wrapped them! At first glance, was actually a number of grotesque ghosts wandering, or strange, or translucent-like, his face a variety ghosts, or anger, or fear, or charming, or indifference, or as Xiong Li, a variety of facial expressions, and so forth! Rao is Raymond has been the spiritual element in vitro release,oakley outlet store, investigation surrounding circumstances, even unwittingly, or with each other's Road children! But, these ghosts apparently not what it meant, just some simple soul only. At this moment, these ghosts floating around in Raymond row of three, not before the rebate, as if waiting for something general! Upon seeing this, where three people do not understand? Its next two powerful soul that is the place where! These ghosts are still Mengran not understand why, apparently the other party has not yet made a final decision! Or rather, those ghosts also felt, in front of three is not so good deal! While three of the idea in mind, so, too? And the other in the absence of formal decorum skin before Raymond trio naturally not rashly shot! Just at this point, Lengheng, full of murderous, suddenly sounded! Endless soul, though unconscious, but in this sound Lengheng below, but not by opt trembling, his face a trace of instinctive fear of color! "You two really ungrateful, let you two, even dare to come to court death! Do you think, looking for a helper over, you can Doude Guo we do?" Sound Senleng extremely cheerful voice of murderous immediately sounded! (To be continued) <
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