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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter three six five ( thanks to teach sight for the real and the florid Luan students monthly support !Thank the bow !Thank you for your support !) Leaving Qin Ming in real house ,Fang Xuanling back to .
The real legacy and sent two men ,one to the east house for the lady and the real Qi ,said his busy temporarily out of Changan ,another to the praetorium to leave .The real legacy with only one person ,little thought of cushion, and riding a horse out of the city of Changan .
This time, the real legacy to is real but then retreat spa Chuang-tzu .The real legacy at top speed to the hot springs ,Chuang-tzu, just in time to catch the lunch .In two brothers and relaxed atmosphere, finished lunch .
The real legacy is real legacy sent to rest ,the real legacy himself to move through the guard and real more ,information is real but these days in Chuang-tzu living situation .Know the real but then life is fairly good, and no unexpected visitors to disturb ,real legacy rest assured I, never forget to tell everybody circumspect ,cannot loosen vigilance .
Generally addressed to Chuang-tzu on the matter ,the real legacy that dragged his tired ,get into a comfortable hot spring pools .Warm hot spring water ,let two days without sleep legacy, gradually sink into the dream .
Sleep is comfortable ,real love left feeling out of sight .In my body, opened his eyes to the real right is steady and injured eyes . wings are hard ,learn about to speak, but saying nothing in front of the second .
Real love left hand play a real effort ,forehead ,mood relax ,then pulls up a handful of water ,washing the face ,make clear, comfortable stretch ,it with a head to look at the house ,waiting for him to speak .
Second elder brother. Real have looked at real legacy, he cried . Well . The real legacy still relaxed at real left ,waiting for the following . Brother ,home , the real legacy is paused ,looked some twisted and worry ,a careful look at the real legacy, said , home is it right? Is something wrong? He ,not returning, but made a mistake .
Day in the Flower Pavilion ,you see people should be real left straight bar ,hit you, you push water man ,is he ,right? The real legacy look real but some dodge eyes ,sighed ,as said softly .
The real legacy has opened the mouth ,without speaking ,head nodding .Follow ,real legacy heard water falling sound ,ticks ,and more quickly .Looking at the real legacy is shaking shoulders ,silent tears, real legacy secretly sighed .
Even real left straight had left the capital ,real but then age is still small ,but the subtle relationship between blood ,or let the real left heart left house left straight this big brother position .
The flowers Pavilion ,is not real but it is their own ,see the home grounded reflective real left straight a coir raincoat appears in the vicinity ,will take full of doubts go out canada goose jacket,want to see what it is ,or know .
But they have brought Wu Yi along the body ,than just enjoyed embroidered leg room left to safety .The real legacy in how to look smart ,in the final analysis is a ten year old baby ,suddenly was his own brother so ferociously ,a short period of time to think before .
Think that year ,in his thirties mature soul, plus the heart faint speculation ,heard on gold Yue Chuan real left straight sell yourself, do not is battered almost paralyzed on the Ministry of punishments in jail ?He is also a buffer for several days ,thinking back to his house before the house ,the former ghost promised things ,to take into account the real lady in the cavity of a mother ,it could and can ,only himself as the real house in passing, that before pressing the tone ,puts off real left straight on his unsuccessful assassination .
Later ,Qin Huaiyu is not looking for a range Huailiang several of them for a long time ,catharsis ,is to restore normal .With their mature soul ,spent a long time, only to turn the corner ,how can the demand was only ten years old then real left can be a short period of time ,out of the house but straight left him heart shadow ?At the age of ten ,in his lifetime ,or hiding in the parent wing ,happy growth of primary school age Canada Goose Sale.
In this ten years ,Datang ,already is home to half a labor ,even is the pillar of the family !This is the time difference !Look ,some things ,I can no longer like before, always reluctant to let go ,always protects him very well .
Some things ,he also led him ,tells him of ,but he has not experienced ,may just as dogmatic back ,memory is not deep, do not integrate into his own experience . My brother ,is it right? Really useless? Vent for a long time, they finally is a number of comfortable room left ,hold tears ,with drooping head ,in a low, muffled voice and said , brother had said defense of the heart without ,the book also said gilded youth ,not hanging Church , the gentleman does not stand under Weiqiang ,can be but I will be all forget, my room is never called ,they ran out of my ass ,is it right? .
Is it right? You were worried about ,is really his words ,he is secretly afraid of government ,real more followed then multiradiatus ,as let father know ,the wrong grounded him, may be the father to use law .
On ? The real legacy asked . Brother ,you guessed it . The real legacy is broke and a smile and eyes ,eyes ,sighed . If I were you ,and you may do the same ,will go out . Looking at the room left to raise her head ,the real legacy said , but you do ,I will call the real Misaki ,even if not to let the real Qi with too close ,I will not let myself and real Qi from the line of sight of each other ,and do you know why? The real legacy is thought, said , don let yourself and personal page from the line of sight of each other ,since can prevent some potentially dangerous ,like what happened that day .
But ,even if it is an accident, there are personal testimony Canada Goose Baby Elijah Bomber, afterwards or tracing . Don ,a young boy why is more personal two words . The real legacy satisfactory nodded ,continue to guide the said .
? The real legacy will bow thinking .The real legacy did not disturb him in hot spring pools ,exchanged a more comfortable position . boy is close to serve ,own some things ,personal page likely than family would understand ,if there is no accident ,would be to follow their own serve life of people .
Real have said . Yes ,sometimes ,among family members ,are not of his own time to spend with his long ,long down, two natural is the most familiar ,like real Qi ,meaning brother and real name ,father and uncle Shen .
The real legacy . Shen Shu ?Shen tertiary not we your housekeeper ? The real legacy is asked . Shen tertiary was also father read and personal page ,because it is trustworthy ,parents were married ,because careful tertiary help at home watching ,father can rest assured the following year or the emperor in the fight .
The real legacy .Real but not fully understand is nodded, thinking what .The real legacy with real but told some people in the royal road, encourage real but try in some faithful to his servant ,especially in the wake of the side of the house .
Only when some of their own hands ,to marry and settle down time, to lay a good team, will own a small home care a lot Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber,not the backyard on fire .Teach real left ,after ,until the real legacy is digestion similar real legacy ,then asked , did you just see him yourself ? I like to see the accident place ,there are two people waiting for him ,both in its appearance ,in particular because of the heavy rain ,not too clear to see .
The real legacy is thought for a moment and said , one of them from left to right cheek forehead ,like a long diagonal scar ,scary, than the eldest brother back the centipede ferocious .
The other one will have no what characteristics ? Real love left brow wrinkled ,the man with the scar ,an estimated ten have is real but straight stay FLAC Han Qiaoyu . Another person is Scarface block ,just shoot over look scary ,serious with dad some spell ,not waiting for me in the shape up courage to see ,would have been .
.. ... Real have said .Want to light by virtue of such a look it, for such a person, in the boundless huge crowd ,it is look for a needle in the ocean .The real legacy rubbed his brow ,in Fang Xuanling didn real left death case ,Li Shimin with respect to Fang Xuanling feelings ,it may not be cruel to let the real death left straight .
Now Shaw don real left straight to wrong things with Xiao Tingting ,but the real left straight Xiao Tingting, your husband ,conjugal thing ,she may not tell Xiao home .Xiao Xiao ting to think ,they will not agree to let the real left straight die .
Furthermore ,a real but then this thing before ,their layout is also trying to comply with Fang Xuanling and real lady ,and the left straight life ,such as the allocation to others ,otherwise ,Yang Hui went to the capital when it was not human ,but should become a corpse ,or it is only a head .
Why so didn real left straight actually own is also equipped with FLAC ,grounded can also freely from the palace ,was nearly killed is real .Alas ,it seems ,his decision is that time busy married thing things in the house ,all halo busy ,it caused a neglect .
But ,real left straight move ,is it right? Says He Fang Xuanling this one try various devices to save his father ,no enough confidence ?Think of this issue, the real legacy when picked up ,but this cognition ,can let the Fang Xuanling and cry .
The emperor sent to Fen Chau people come back ,hurry is killed or exiled ,see real left straight result of conviction released it, lest the real home with bad . I think of it Canada Goose Womens Mystique Parka, the other to see the face of people ,like to wear is an official boots .
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