filled above the freezing cold meaning

April 06 [Sat], 2013, 15:50
Any the Khotan know Yunsheng mother's scary, but the these Vice door main elders most do not know Yunsheng mother horror of Yunsheng mother wants to laugh often, would be tantamount to cut off their upward become eternal master of the road, how can he give up? Good luck door in the main world of scenery for too long, even if the main gate of Yunsheng mother respectful, they but also think is Yunsheng mother the sake of good fortune witching Master, Yunsheng mother has been in Yilaomailao, relying on a old head for dinner. The dozen made spirit master immediately stood out, against Yunsheng mother yells: "Yunsheng mother, you shameless things detract from the good fortune door work, you quickly rolled to one side, and read in your good fortune witch master,Coach Factory Outlet, for you to take care of a plus, but you pedal the nose, face, really as a dish, really shameless, Get out of here Get out of here! "Ren Tian surprised a moment, then quickly restrained mouth not choose words words, Yunsheng mother's face showing a smile, this smile can not a good look, filled above the freezing cold meaning hundreds of millions of years of time passed, never that dare words to tell her so presumptuous, even if these guys are good luck witching disciples, to no avail, because even good luck witch Yunsheng mother should clean their own house! Yunsheng mother reached toward the good fortune opening door and an elder Xu Xu a grasp. That elders can be considered fit, he entered the main world, good luck witch are already out of here into the deep space of the main world, good fortune, he not aware of the witch mother Yunsheng are very limited, and he also think that those rumors are far-fetched, good luck witch may be terrible, but Yunsheng mother may not have been scornful of Yunsheng mother and cloud gate, think the reason why Yunsheng door can now preserved, is entirely good luck door behind backing, since the door to keep the good luck Yunsheng door, Yunsheng door for granted should come up with a humble attitude, rather than arrogance, anxious to good fortune door step on the foot of the appearance. So he was an opening, it will be for many years to simmer in the heart of the stuffiness spit it out, not natural sounding speech! Xu Xu Yunsheng mother towards him a grasp any of Khotan binocular pupil suddenly shrunk, but good luck witching disciples will know Yunsheng powerful mother, he Yunsheng before the mother even ass are hesitant to put the,Air Max Classic 91 Mens Store! That elders from any Khotan and not too far away, either fill up quickly shot the elders of that bluster, mercilessly pushed on one side, but any Khotan or slightly a little slow to see the emptiness suddenly appeared in numerous cutting edge, about half of the body will be the bluster elders, minced become Jifen, but for any Tian pushed him, then he has completely into Jiaocheng Jifen. Elders pain do not feel the whole hack live call does not come out, and even pain. Ren Tian quickly income among Paoxiu, he is the head of good fortune door must not look at the others to his elders came and kill each other even Yunsheng mother does not! The faction head there should be a row of the pattern of the head to do to send, not to mention his good fortune throughout the world of the most powerful head of the door! Yunsheng mother eyes squint slightly, opening: "the Ren Xiaozi you dare to go against the mother?" Tian Ren quickly lowered the figure, Yunsheng mother is Shizu, Ren Tian open road for him: "Teacher ancestors, elders into the main world time late, he did not know the old powerful Weed, this bluster, disciples will go back good lesson from his confinement he, within 10,000 years he was not allowed to leave the good fortune door step , please also the Shizu spared, put him a way out! "Yunsheng mother Hey sneer or two, then reach out again Xu Xu take, one will be a big chunk of any the Tian Paoxiu Chelan, goes elders a withdrawal from the any Tian Paoxiu of being out of the mother I want to kill people, not to die! "with the words of the Yunsheng mother, that the elders alarmingly moment in the air be torn in pieces become Jifen into colorful bloodstained Durian scattered away! Ren Tian repair is not shallow, but for Yunsheng mother this the silent space means or any way to cope Moreover, Yunsheng mother suddenly shot, caught off guard by any Khotan, had no time to prepare for. Yunsheng mother shot to kill Yunsheng door elders, which makes any Khotan behind the head elders horror, the horror, they are angry, Zhang elders, after all, good fortune door elders, cloud born mother wanted to kill to kill, would be too Yunsheng door in the eyes. Yunsheng mother, after all, the sleeping time is too long, the wake up time is too short, plus Yunsheng mother for a long time, have not showing off in front of their supernatural powers and means of humanitarian law shred of dignity, so she had this powerful, seems to have become yesterday yellow rì, not cut in the eyes. Fortune door, deputy head there elders also arrogant enough capital, they are now a full 24 more than made Ling main Yunsheng mother but only just, they do not believe in God together more than twenty force can not kill the mother of Yunsheng, most of the good fortune door, deputy head also elders to see Zhang elders were killed, foes bristle, it is necessary to Yunsheng mother hands. Ren Tian quickly stopped the crowd, opening said: "Gentlemen, do not!" Head, you are willing to give this old woman when the disciples is your thing, off to one way or another I loaded grandson just like you! "!" Good luck the door on any Khotan opposing views, prejudices, nor is it one or two days, especially good fortune door two bridges is waste, any Tian's daughter was taken away, even open Tianbao furnace was robbed, makes the door of the deputy head there the elders any Khotan grudges profound moment, Seeing any Khotan such Wowonangnang to look, good fortune Vice door main door there are elders finally could hold out, opening shouted. One opening, everyone should be, the any Khotan a face instantly changed Yan sè, which is the maximum provocation to the authority of the door of the main door of his good fortune! Or, as the door the main door of the good fortune he has no past is so powerful majesty! Yunsheng the mother hint of sneer on his face, then look to see the often laugh there, to see often laugh still still pushed the fire of life constitutes a cluster of impact Zhang, see, laugh often want a quick fix, So start with a very spicy, it did not fail shot are all-out pounding that the fire of life has been attached to the body of Zhang began to slowly burn up, Zhang was covered in scales foes in the bombing of the light But Zhang is indeed the good fortune God of War, the bombing of the body scales light layer mean something again give birth to a layer, But unfortunately, often laugh stripped of his ten-storey Interfax Interfax then there will be no prior Dragonscale is so powerful, that gentle jade-like luster, but a stone Ma rustle feeling down makes Zhang looks heavy. Zhang called a find any, is often laugh tinkering on the ground to roll, but his eyes still exudes the breathtaking light, like a wolf, a trouble can not extricate themselves wolves, under normal circumstances, exposing the eyes to, this person starts to go. Everything seems to the most interesting, Yunsheng mother, but the original sweep a look at the side of the situation, but at this moment, Yunsheng mother do not want to tear his eyes away the flies, sleeping too long her rì and sub- is actually very boring, hard to be able to see some interesting things, she would not want to miss those darn things are of good fortune door, slightly'll pack them no later than! Yunsheng mother, however, want to obediently theater, the door all deputy head of good fortune as well as the elders could not stand, now people will be able to know Zhang blow fall under the wind. Originally the power of good fortune god of war, even if there is a spirit of making the main, not kill him, but often laugh silly to have to use a cluster of fire of life recklessly force of Zhang, Zhang estimate their the strength sufficient to withstand the fire of life maintained Laugh 400 million this the one cluster Yingkang down consumed most of the repair strength, if he initially would not constitute a cluster of fire of life and often laugh hard on hard against often laugh even if they have the fire of the 800 million life still can not do nothing good fortune Ares Zhang. Unfortunately, time can not be reflux, it now appears, the original foolish often laugh is the presence of great wisdom, often laugh dug a pit, Zhang step by step led into the pit, now often laugh to start buried ! But the good fortune door is definitely not called often laugh succeed,Jordan High Heels UK, then again, that since they had been here, and he often laugh back! Originally Vice main door door door elders for the of Yunsheng mother of good fortune, foes will look betting often laugh who, after all, compared to them, often laugh is important too. Yunsheng mother wants to see the double play, but the good fortune of the door have staged a group play. To see that more than twenty elders Vice door main gate once again brings up the supernatural, towards the often laugh attack go, good luck Ares Sibu Si unimportant, anyway, sooner or later he died, importantly, often laugh absolute to stay, fall their good fortune in the hands of the door. This time more than 20, deputy head of the elders shot, divided into two parts, part of a direct attack Yunsheng mother, and the other part is headed towards laugh often, the reason is very simple, can not be called bad mother Yunsheng done! Yunsheng mother Leng Heng, still or a grasping hand when empty, but this time both hands grasping supernatural means immediately made more than 20 Spirit of the Lord will be taken away again, bit by bit is not left. Yunsheng mother, no matter how powerful, but that is only a spare it, before she captured more than 20 made the supernatural powers of the Spirit of the Lord may seem casual, in fact, they do not consume too much force Yunsheng mother this The Shiyou caught the photo more than 20 made spiritual power of the Lord, for Yunsheng mother, somewhat reluctantly. However, Yunsheng mother or grabbed to go, However, this time, Yunsheng mother was not their diversion to the other space, but directly to the diversion of the two groups forces to the deputy head of the good fortune door there elders being. Release force a sudden attack, of course, will be caught off guard! Immediately is a mess!
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