large meteor hammer chest killed people

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Chapter 79 to see a set of Liu Yi took the material feels like ordinary material on jeans , walked into the dressing room . Lele and Murong butterfly king into his dressing room next door . This dressing room bulkhead seems thin, Liu Canada Goose Women's Freestyle Vest Yi carrying their clothes , can hear the voice of the opposite Xixisuosuo undress . Two girls voices, but also introduced to Liu Yi ears. " Kocho sister , how do you want to buy this ah you do not like jeans it ? " "I did not pass through , do not let wear ah " Murong butterfly haughty voice that suddenly it pass over, "Hmmm , this Miss jeans suddenly interested , not to die ? " " hee hee, the way to the line when we three are couple jeans, pulling out will not be very boom ah ? "and" pull boom boom I do not know do not pull , but I guess people think hacked Liu Yi certainly a lot of " Murong butterfly suddenly could not help laughing , " If I go out Liu Yi really been cut , you have to protect your brother ah Liu Yi " " Liu Yi brother so powerful , they do not need me to protect it, " Wang Lele said with a smile , " I see my brother Liu Yi protecting our fishes Yeah " " As a new era of female xìng, how can such a thought " Murong butterfly hastened Education Wang Lele , " we can not wait to be a man to protect us dúlì, stronger, so that men crouched trembling under our feet is the" " hee hee people just do not do it I'll fit Xiaoniaoyiren Queen " " you girl , where you innocent girl of the" butterfly Murong yelled "You see you that you can use for large meteor hammer chest killed people ," " Damn good Kocho sister hate , and ridicule others big chest ." Lele seems to be some resentment of the king and said, " I do not want such a large chest who knows what will grow into such a thing , however, Kocho sister, you said that if Liu Yi brother accidentally stumble my arms , I will not Outlet North Face be this chest to suffocate it, " " poof you are thinking this girl head a mess " ," people just curious thing , " " no curiosity to see how I punish you " " Damn good sè Kocho sister , ah, do not pull I bras whining , do not pinch the people's chest la ah you force me , look at me , " " ah, you pull my bra even, that you should also grabbed my ass , " " hee hee, Kocho sister Alice 's ass is good it must be very like his brother Liu Yi , " " Do you see this girl afraid " trouble listening to the sound across the two girls , Liu Yi almost nosebleeds . Liu Yi Lin Tong seems to bear a variety of Aventure , already back to Liu Yi body of sight out of mind to go. Liu Yi feel are some of the lower body blood on the Bay . Grandpa said Amitabha Amitabha Evil listening, Evil , etc., grandfather grandpa said this seemingly did not seem to see only said flower worthy be straight off ah , dear grandfather how you can say such a thing to save Grandpa ah it is your grandson Liu Yi Ascension , suddenly found the location of the wall hook , there is a modest little hole . This little hole in the other person should be able to detect , but Liu Yi as Cultivation , eyesight amazing , it really was he found . That moment, it seems to come with a small hole in the infinite allure attracted Liu Yi . Or to look at other people will not do this too wicked girl changing clothes, how good can not just look at it , but the timing of this opportunity is gone ah , ah would never what it is like to see a bar a few to see a guarantee should not be calculate how much evil it right, on a really a Liu Yi took two breath, trembling ground , toward the little hole slowly leaned over . Close proximity to Liu Yi finally would conspire hole before , opened the vision , through which hole the size of a grain of rice , look across the landscape . First jumped into the eyes , it looks like the white king Lele back . Her seemingly rely on the close , the entire line of sight were it held the back open a little to let it blocked or turned Yeah Liu Yi little anxious . " The dead girl also caught watching Miss Dragon grasping nǎi hand" this time next Murong butterfly suddenly shouted , and then the king exclaimed Lele . " Ah ," Liu Yi suddenly felt a bang, Wang Lele seems that the whole person leaning against a bulkhead above . "Bang" , " pop" that partition is really a bit too fragile girl squeezed in two , even an instant Zala down . Liu Yi quickly sideways on one side , so open the bezel. And then, he was shocked. Opposite the king Lele and Murong butterflies stay standing. Two girl with nothing but a small Nene . Wang Lele is a cute little pink sè Nene , Murong sè butterfly is black lace Nene there is a small transparent Liu Yi vaguely able to see what some black sè upper body and they did not wear . Wang Lele Fortunately, clutching his chest, but not so full of good Yufeng blocked , two meatballs , looming exposed to Liu Yi eyes. The butterfly is a hands forward Murong cage from the breasts above , a pair of bright red , so that Liu Yi straight eyes. " Ah rogue " Murong butterfly suddenly screamed , picked up the side of the hanger , lost in the Liu Yi 's face . Although hurt, but Liu Yi still feel dizzy , collapsed on the ground. Is this the legendary euthanasia it must be your grandfather passed away, bless me, right Liu Yi could not help but heart says. The king Lele ears heard screams . " Kocho sister , dear friends , you start with too much matter, Liu Yi brother was a flow nosebleed you play a lot of it," " The death he deserved ," " may , but Liu Yi brother will be dead ," "Dead the best , the world took the opportunity to clean up quickly with my clothes , " " oh "King Lele nodded, then said," anyway, Liu Yi brother xiaoqiang life, should not so easy to die, " and then Liu Yi ear is Xixisuosuo voice, he looked up how I want to look at a ah , but he was afraid of what a beating if there 's enough eye perspective alas, why give him a good impression of the eye, eye perspective it is good rather than sorry ah so sorry Liu Yi Ren live hearts sigh. At this time, the door open to think of it . Two girl should be for good , and went outside. Liu Yi That climb up, directly to their uniforms with Sumeru France collapsed into a blue sè ring , set in the left hand . It also allows uniform Liu Yi Lin Tong made ​​Sumeru law , as is easy to dress . Now Liu Yi who is also naked , wearing only a pair of underwear . He quickly again set in a small shirt on him . Followed by Liu Yi jeans jacket to pick up , which the clerk look very well , given the size of their own choice is good . Liu Yi put some thick heavy coat after he began sleeve pants. At this time, next door to the sliding door rang. A rough middle-aged uncle , his face Hu ballast son, came in carrying a coat . He watched in amazement as the legs are moving toward the feet set , Liu Yi , blinked , and then cāo a rough voice said. " I looked over Wanjiebubao should look something up ," What is the rub Le Liu Yi should not look at things this depressed. What are the guys who are " young man " That uncle Resentment and said, " I am responsible for the way you want ," by your sister who will be responsible for you ah ah Liu Yi hastened to mention good pants , tie belt, ran awkwardly locker room. Nima never again to such a terrible place to Liu Yi ran outside and saw the same style jeans wearing two small girls, suddenly surprised . Although no clothes is amazing , but after wearing , but also very beautiful coat is still king Lele chose a small version of the card up to the waist point , put her body perfectly highlights out. The Murong butterfly is also added a small piece of red sè scarves, pants sè stepping on a small black leather boots, British Gas full of clothes really different in different people who were out of the effect is very different ah Liu Yi did not know themselves how to wear this look , but to hear the king Lele exclamation . "Hey , Liu Yi brother , this dress is for you Yeah handsome " "Well, where nothing good handsome clothes " Murong butterfly sowed small chin, snorted . But her eyes not difficult to see that touch of flowing look . Not to mention , people rely on clothes horse saddle, which Liu Yi wearing this after a lot of handsome look jīng God than usual wear uniforms that Liu Yi , do not know how many times stronger . But it so , this worthy of the lady , hum Murong butterfly mind thought . At this point three lovers, is actually very Parka Canada Goose eye-catching look. Comings and goings of male customers , one by one to see Liu Yi to take the green eyes of all , look at Liu Yi is covered scared . This is the man ah Nima eat "shopping success we go to eat," Liu Yi just want to quickly escape from this place I do not know for a while these men will really come to kill him " okay " King Lele happy, " I have a little the hungry do you want to eat the poor brother Liu Yi Oh, " " let go casually eat eat , not bad money " " " Murong butterfly beside speechless. That all three turned down the stairs to the first floor , the king suddenly Lele sè a hard surface , and then said . "That Kocho Sister Liu Yi brother ye first the door waiting for me I go to a toilet ," " call you do not drink so much Coke tonight you will not wet the bed ah you" Murong butterfly could not help but quipped . "Whining next time will not be so drunk you at the door waiting for me I soon come " "Do not stay by the ? " Liu Yi laughed. "Oh, do not be afraid that it will be as early as this thing all right I 'll be right back , you first go out now ." " Ah " Liu Yi and Murong butterfly nodded, then walked out of the mall doors .
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