the so XuanFuShi stationed Nanchang

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 17:51
Fujian Jianning to destroy Liu and Ding division, transferred to Lichuan County, Jiangxi to do mass work, fund-raising, ready to smash Chiang

Kai-shek's third attack. At this time in cheap jordan phase 23 hoops the newspaper that Chiang Kai-shek appointed the Tong Ren Huanggong slightly uncle Huang Hanxiang

the so XuanFuShi stationed Nanchang. This is "XuanFuShi" Who do? Of course, the Chiang Kai-shek in the conspiracy means the massive attack

twice after the failure of an attempt to split the Red Army, "Xuan Fu Huang Gonglue.

Two days later, Huang Mei Zhuang big gangster was come in Lichuan, with a young spy dress for students. Into our military defense, claiming

Huang Gonglue pro brother, alert troops he sent to the headquarters of the Third Army, I placed his stay, about Teng Yuan, Tang Tan. Huang

Mei Zhuang: Huangmei Zhuang Department of college students, Huang Gonglue Big Brother, Wife students than public slightly larger than twenty

years old, his father looks like a public strategy. His slightly abuse the public, not to the public slightly money on University cheap as

the Gonglue mother even more. Chiang appointed Huang Hanxiang for XuanFuShi make fantasy seduce Huang Gonglue mutiny, the Huangmei Zhuang is

the matter to threading. Huang Hanxiang Department of politicians, Huang Mei Zhuang as rogue. Public slightly parent fifties, maid mentioning

concubine the Pingjiang uprising, the Huang family evicted, she behaved very well, no complaints public slightly. I said, the Huangmei Zhuang

not take deception, it is not empirical. Huangmei Zhuang executions where evidence will go further Gonglue sever Chiang Kai-shek's fantasy.

They agreed.

I've seen with the yellow surface, this time I installed the score "affectionate", to be hearty lunch, and specially prepared jordan play in these 2 shoes "Trimeresurus".

I respect his wine, said: "I drink a half cup, your capacity for liquor, such as the sea, drink cup." He the one that is dry, I said: "Your

big drinker, I can not drink more." He said: " I drink Liangzhong your cup. "trying to get me drunk, engage in intelligence. He only knows I

do not drink, do not know that I can drink and not to drink. I drink a couple of cup, also threw up some, he drank five or six full cup, and

said: "You successive victory forces developed really fast," I said: "little Gonglue Army before 30,000 people, I am nothing but fifty

thousand. "He saw me to tell troops, very pleased. Said: "drink cup." I drink a half cup, said: "Han Xiang Mr. soaring public slightly with

me to celebrate. Plum brother to take the summer to come, there must be more expensive to dry, and I wish you success., And public slightly

know each other very well, as sisters and brothers; sharing weal and woe, Su said intimate as beneficial, Xingwu deceive me. "He even said:"

dare dare! "He the drinker is great, this time also half drunk. I said: "We have a total of only tens of thousands of people, will be

allocated, what kind?" He said: "Commander in Chief! Commander-in-chief! Public Omitted still when the army commander." Do spit the truth. I

said: "This is what you imagine it, how can you guarantee it?" He said: "is not. The Generalissimo (refers Chiang), Han Xiang tert slightly,

both the letter to the public." At that time, he was the wine has to eighty-nine into and upset, even said: "happy happy! another drink," I

said: "Mian accompany it!" talking, he put the suitcase underlying cut out from the mezzanine Chiang Kai-shek, the Huang Hanxiang to Gonglue

letter. Jiang letter to the effect that: principals Fucai, so you leave astray. Huang Hsin said: Chiang Kai-shek virtues, tert willing cheap jordan sc 1 sale you

intercede, a pack of lies. Look at his wine attack, it seems difficult to support, and I said: the "Mr. Meizhuang Shuishui it, I also go

Shuishui dinner talk."
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